The PEGASO Project

The PEGASO project to support ICZM (Integrated Coastal Zone Management) in the Mediterranean and Black Sea basins

Gathering 25 organizations, the collaborative research project PEGASO (People for Ecosystem Based Governance in Assessing Sustainable Development of Ocean and Coast) was a four year duration project (2010-2014) focusing on the ecosystemic approach related to ICZM in the Mediterranean and Black Sea basins.

By establishing a shared ‘ICZM Governance Platform’ to bridge the gap between scientists and decision-makers, this project aimed at supporting the implementation of the ICZM Protocol in the Mediterranean and at helping the Black Sea countries to develop a similar instrument.

The PEGASO project aimed at building an ICZM toolbox to be applied in 10 “Collaborative Application SitES (CASES)”. The CASES represented a collection of sites covering most of the coastal issues in the two basins:

  • 7 CASES in the Mediterranean:
    • Bouches du Rhone and Camargue (Rhône Delta, France);
    • Al Hoceima Bay (Morocco);
    • Northern Adriatic (Croatia, Italy, Slovenia);
    • Islands of the Aegean (Greece);
    • Protected area of Dalyan-Koycegiz (Türkiye);
    • North Coast of Lebanon;
    • Nile Delta (Egypt);
  • 3 sites in the Black Sea countries:
    • Danube Delta (Romania);
    • Sevastopol Bay (Ukraine);
    • Coastal area of Guria (Georgia).

In addition to its contributions on tools and methods (indicators, scenarios, participation) and its involvement in the CASES, Plan Bleu was part of the PEGASO Steering Committee as ‘Participatory Coordinator’ within the project.

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