Webinar : Orientations & perspectives for sustainable development in Tunisia

On February 16, 2021, Plan Bleu and the Tunisian Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment with the support of RAC / SPA-Tunis, are organizing a virtual conference on thereport State of Environment and Development in Mediterranean and the orientations and perspectives for a sustainable development in Tunisia.

Tunisia is faced with several challenges of sustainable development in relation to the orientations recommended by the new Constitution of 2014: Decentralization, integrated approaches to development, citizenship and public participation in development choices and work.

To insure the conclusions and recommendations of the SoED 2020, the Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment and Plan Bleu, with the support of the Regional Activity Center for Specially Protected Areas and Biological Diversity (SPA / RAC ) intend to bring together all the stakeholders and actors involved in these issues related to sustainable development, in relation to the coast and the Mediterranean Sea in Tunisia on Tuesday February 16, 2021.

Three areas for reflection will be offered to participants in the light of the recommendations of the SoED 2020 report:

  • Territorial governance of sustainable development at national, regional and local levels and the challenges of decentralization and sustainable development planning at the local level
  • Integrated approach for sustainable development in Tunisia, the sectors in question and the management of cross-cutting issues such as climate change and loss of biodiversity
  • The involvement of the public and stakeholders, especially young people and women in planning for sustainable development

Due to the current sanitary situation in Tunisia and France, this conference will be organized in virtual form, through a platform set up by Plan Bleu.


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