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User conditions

The use of this Website amounts to the acceptance by the user of the measures and the conditions as follows:

  1. The Website (the “Site”) is the property of the Plan Bleu (“the organization” ou “the structure”) in order to make those (the “Users”) who are eager to connect to it, gain a benefit. The information it contains is published only for informative matters. The Plan Bleu allows the users to visit the Site and to download or copy some piece of information and documents (referred by the generic term “Content”) for private purposes and not commercial ones, without giving them the right to resell or to distribute the Content or to use it to elaborate or create by-books, and this authorization must be under the respect of the disposal and the conditions mentioned below, such as the particular restrictions which may be applied to some element of the Content of the Website.
  2. The Website is operated by the Plan Bleu. All the Content the Organization may put online is submitted to the dispositions and conditions hereby.
  3. Without express and contrary mention, the observations, interpretations and conclusions which are part of the Content of the Website are those of the different officials of the Organization and the Consultants or Advisers to its Ministry who took part to the elaboration of the Content hereby, and do not necessarily meet the Plan Bleu and its partners standpoints.


The Content of the Site is delivered “as is”, without any explicit nor implicit guarantees, especially the commercial value of the information, its usefulness for any goals, and the non violation of the intellectual property rights. More accurately the Plan Bleu does not give any guarantee, and acknowledges anything regarding the accuracy and the exhaustiveness of the elements of the Content. The Plan Bleu proceeds regularly and without prior warning, to the adding, the modifications, the improvements and the updating of the Content. In any case the Plan Bleu can be found responsible for damage, an obligation, or a spending which may be shown as the direct consequence of the use of the Website, including (the enumeration cannot be restrictive) as regards any mistake, error or omission or service interruption or delay which may occur. The User uses the Site at his own risk. In any case, in particular for negligence matters, the Plan Bleu or the related entities shall be responsible for direct, indirect, incidental, singular or secondary importance damage even though the Organization has been warned that the said damage might occur.
The user declares knowing that the Plan Bleu is not responsible for the behavior of the other users, and acknowledges it.

The Site contains advices, opinions and assertions coming from various information sources. The Plan Bleu neither maintains nor guarantees the accuracy or the reliability of none of them, of the other information element coming from any information source either. The Plan Bleu does not answer neither for the users of this website, nor for any person or entity. The user uses this site at his own risk. Neither the Plan Bleu, nor any related entities shall be responsible for any damage, whether it is direct, indirect, incidental, specific or consecutive, even though the Plan Bleu has been warned that the damage in question might occur.
The user acknowledges, and agrees in particular that the Plan Bleu is not responsible for the behavior of none of the users.

It can be found on the Site advices, opinions and assertions coming from various sources of information. The Plan Bleu does not endorse them, neither any information coming from the aforesaid sources, from any User or any other person or entity, and it guarantees neither the accuracy nor the reliability. The User may trust it at his owns risk. Neither the Organization, neither the entities which are related to him, neither none of their civil servant or agents or their contents or information providers engages its responsibility with respect to any User nor for whoever, regarding the inaccuracies, errors, omissions, interruptions of service, removals of contents or defects or the modification or the use of elements of the Contents of the Site, or the fact that the Website is either not up to date or incomplete, and their responsibility is not engaged, in case of computer or equipment of communication breakdown or transmission of virus, whatever the cause is, and also regarding the potential and consecutive damages.

By using the Site, the User agrees to leave the Plan Bleu and its related entities out (ou covered) from any proceedings or compensation requests, any prejudice or damage, from any financial obligation or spending (including the lawyer expenses, calculated at a reasonable rate) resulting from the use of the Website by him, including, but not exclusively, any claim calling upon of the facts which, if they were proven, would be considered on behalf of the User as an infringement of the User conditions hereby. The only and unique way which is offered to a User not satisfied with all or part of the Contents of the Site or the User conditions hereby is to stop visiting the Site.

On the Site, it can be found some links with the Websites owned by third parties or mentions to some Websites. The sites whose links are advised are not under the control of the Plan Bleu, and therefore it cannot be responsible for the contents of any of them nor any of the links they may suggest. The Organization proposes these links in a convenient logic, and the fact that a link shall be proposed or that a site shall be mentioned does amount to implying Plan Bleu responsibility.

If the Site includes display boards, chat forum, means to access to mailing lists or other mailing or communication tools (referred by the generic term “Forums”), the User agrees to receive and to send only decent messages and information, which are connected to the Forum in question. By way of nonrestrictive examples, the User commits himself to refrain, when taking part to the Forum, from giving way to the following activities:

  1. To defame, insult, badger, threaten whoever or blow to his rights in any other way (for example as regards private life and dissemination of information);
  2. To publish, post, distribute or disseminate documents or information which are defamatory, likely to shock, obscene, improper or illicit;
  3. To export or join in the attached file, files incorporating software or other elements under the right of the intellectual property (or under the legislation related to the private life and the dissemination of information), unless the User is the owner of a license or has the rights of the aforesaid law or because he received for this purpose all the assents required by the legislation;
  4. To export or make appear in the attached file, some files containing virus, broken files or any other software or programs similar which may undermine the good running of the computer of the others;
  5. To remove in an exported file the mentions related to the authors, the legal notices or the mentions or signs related to the right of the intellectual property;
  6. To falsify the origin or the source of a software or other elements contained in an exported file;
  7. To advertise goods or services, or to propose them for sale, or to carry out or to transmit investigations, contests or chains of letters, or to import a free downloadable file by another User of the Forum, whose User knows or should reasonably know that the distribution by this means is illegal.

The User states to understand that the exchanges carried out on all the Forums and in all the newsgroups are public and do not have any private nature. Moreover, he acknowledges that the discussions, the published elements, the conferences, the electronic mails and the other elements exchanged by the other Users are not supposed to be examined, selected or approved by the Plan Bleu. The Organization keeps the right to remove, for an unspecified reason and without notice, any element of the contents introduced into the Forums by the Users, in particular regarding electronic mails or mails published on electronic display panels.

Immunity protection

None of what is mentioned in the legal information of the Plan Bleu Website, forms or be considered neither as a limitation of the privileges and immunities of the United Nations, nor as a renunciation of these privileges and immunities. The Plan Bleu reserves the right of the aforementioned privileges and immunities expressly.

General conditions

The Plan Bleu reserves the exclusive right to modify, restrict or remove the Site or any part of its Content, at its discretion and under any form. In this respect, the Organization is not compelled to take into account the needs of any User.

The Plan Bleu reserves the right to refuse, at its discretion and without notice, the access to the Site or any part of the Site to a User whoever he is.
No waiver on behalf of the Plan Bleu, of the clauses of the User conditions hereby will be opposable to it if the waiver hereby has not been set in writing and signed by a duly authorized officer of the Organization.

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