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Plan Bleu Activity Report – 2020

In this period when all the countries bordering the Mediterranean have had to face the consequences of the health crisis, Plan Bleu has continued its efforts to communicate as widely as possible on the state of the environment in the Region. The publication of the RED 2020 report, which lucidly

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Blue economy in the Mediterranean: Case studies, lessons and perspectives

The blue economy is a low polluting, resource-efficient and circular economy based on sustainable consumption and production patterns, enhancing human well-being and social equity, generating economic value and employment, and significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. The blue economy integrates a diverse range of economic activities from coastal and

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9th meeting of the MED 2050 Foresight Group

Closing module 1 (trends, disruption, weak signals) Preparing module 2 (contrasting visions) 28-29/09 2021 Marseille, France After 8 virtual meetings and months of intense collaborative work, the time has come to close Module 1 Trends, ruptures, weak signals of the Mediterranean foresight exercise MED 2050, and to prepare its next

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