• Healthy Mediterranean wetlands as requisites for socio-ecological resilience

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Plan Bleu : making the Mediterranean a space for cooperation for sustainable development

For more than 40 years, Plan Bleu has produced studies and scenarios for the future in order to make Mediterranean stakeholders and decision-makers aware of environmental issues and sustainable development in the region.


Historic consensus on sulfur oxide emission control area: the Med SOx ECA !

  The Mediterranean Sea is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. In 2019, 24% of the global fleet of ships and more than 17% of cruises in the world passed through the …

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Implementation of the workshop “Youth Commission for the Future of the Mediterranean”

1. Context and objectives This consultation is issued by Plan Bleu, Regional Activity Centre of the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP), established as an association under the French Law of 1901 and based in Marseille. MAP …

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Elaboration of State of play of the coastal tourism and ecotourism in the Mediterranean report

In the framework of Interreg Med Sustainable Tourism Community Project 1. Context Over time the Mediterranean region has developed a unique blend of tourism activities associated with sea, health, sports, nature, business, as well as …

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Note#42 : Transport maritime en Méditerranée, statut et enjeux

14 December 2021

Maritime transport is the backbone of trade and economic development (80% of goods are moved by maritime transportation). Global seaborne trade volume and demand for shipping services have been in constant. With its strategic location, the Mediterranean hosts an important transit lane and trans- shipment activities for international shipping. It is also a busy traffic area due to Mediterranean seaborne traffic (movement between a Mediterranean port and a port outside the Mediterranean), and short sea shipping activities (connecting two Mediterranean

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NOTE #41 : cartography of building environmental information

29 November 2021

Plan Bleu and LittOcean think-tank studied in detail the organization of the environmental observation system for three countries: Tunisie, Israel and France and drafted a summary entitled “the cartography of building environmental information “. These documents present, at the national level, how environmental information is produced, how institutions are structured and how environmental information sharing is organized.

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ReGoKo, Observatory and indicators of the environment and sustainable development, Tunisia

27 October 2021

The Regional Project “Governance and Knowledge Development”, ReGoKo, managed by Plan Bleu of the Mediterranean Action Plan, MAP, funded through a gef grant, was developed to promote the integration of environmental issues into the sectoral and development policies of countries on the southern shore of the Mediterranean including Morocco and Tunisia. The project has three components: I. Component 1 – Governance (US$ 1.50 million or 50% of project costs) aims to promote dialogue, coordination, integration, and synergy between local, national

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