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    Healthy Mediterranean wetlands as requisites for socio-ecological resilience

    6 August 2020
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Plan Bleu : Making the Mediterranean a space for sustainable development cooperation

For more than 40 years, Plan Bleu has produced studies and scenarios for the future in order to make Mediterranean stakeholders and decision-makers aware of environmental issues and sustainable development in the region.

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Plan Bleu organized the 2nd webinar on Sustainable Aquaculture in the Mediterranean Region on 16 November 2020

As part of its Programme on the Blue Economy in the framework of the Barcelona Convention, Plan Bleu organized two webinars on Sustainable Aquaculture in the Mediterranean Region in collaboration with the Interreg Med Blue …

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Plan Bleu and three Interreg MED communities are cooperating in developing “Guidelines for the sustainability of Cruises and Recreational boating in the Mediterranean region”, 23 November 2020

  On 23rd November 2020, Plan Bleu hosted an online call for contributions meeting to inform the preparation of “Guidelines for the Sustainability of Cruises and Recreational Boating in the Mediterranean”, in partnership with the …

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Second Plan Bleu webinar “Towards Sustainable Aquaculture in the Mediterranean”: the recommendations of the Interreg MED Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community PHAROS4MPA project

On 16 November 2020, Plan Bleu hosted its second webinar focusing on sustainable aquaculture. This webinar was co-organised by two Horizontal projects of the Interreg Med Programme: the Blue Growth Community and the Mediterranean Biodiversity …

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Note #38 : Demographic trends and outlook in the Mediteerranean

13 January 2021

Expertise realised by Plan Bleu, an organization for the environment and development in the Mediterranean The countries bordering the Mediterranean, although they share certain natural characteristics (climate, vegetation), are nevertheless very heterogeneous geographically, historically, politically and socio-economically. This is reflected in particular by great demographic contrasts. Despite these real demographic differences, one trait unites all the countries bordering the Mediterranean: a strong propensity of their populations to aggregate in certain areas, more particularly the coastal areas where the structuring and

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SoED 2020: State of Environment and Development in the Mediterranean

2 December 2020

The SoED is a State of the Environment and Development Report that provides a comprehensive and up-to-date assessment of environmental and development interactions in the Mediterranean region. READ THE RED 2020: STATE REPORT ON THE ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT IN MEDITERRANNEE

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Socioeconomic analysis of marine litter key best practices to prevent/reduce single use of plastic bags and bottles

27 November 2020

The present activity is prepared in the context of the UN Environment/Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) Mid-Term Strategy 2016-2021 (MTS) and Program of Work (PoW) 2018-2019, adopted by the Contracting Parties in December 2017 in Tirana, Albania. More specifically, this activity contributes to the implementation of MTS key Output 2.1.1. “Targeted measures of the regional plans/strategies facilitated and implemented”, Activity “Prepare reports on the implementation of the existing regional Plans/Measures: (i.e. Mercury and WWTP) including socio economic analysis” in the

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