Community 4 Tourism

Key information

Duration : January 2023 – September 2029

Total budget : 4,0 millions EUR

Gouverning organization : Barcelona Principal Council (DIBA)

Autre composant du PAM impliqué : Med Waves and PAP/RAC


The project Community 4 Tourism (C4T) is part of the activities of the thematic community of the Interreg Euro-MED program on sustainable tourism. It aims to contribute to the improvement of European and transnational territorial cooperation by targeting objectives concerning the strengthening of sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean area and the transition towards a resilient and climate-neutral society.

The project draws on the results of Interreg Euro-MED’s projects Communauté du Tourisme Durable and BlueTourMed, but strengthens its objectives to respond better to new challenges.

Project’s objective

The project is based on a main objective : achieving better gouvernance of cooperation, both at the level of political governance and territorial multi-sectoral, multi-level and transnational governance. The emphasis is mainly on the environment and climate, to move towards cooperation promoting a smarter and greener Mediterranean, in line with the Green Deal européen, of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations and of the territorial Agenda 2030.

The project integrates the four specific objectives of the Interreg Euro-MED program. Tourism has revealed itself as constituting a transversal issue in the Mediterranean area, involving all kinds of actors, agents and territories. The project therefore approaches its activities in order to :

  • continue the consolidation of a competitive innovation ecosystem,
  • support a circular economy,
  • promote adaptation to climate change, and
  • value nature and biodiversity.

Through the various activities that will be carried out, the project aims to propose jointly developed solutions, encouraging cross-border cooperation.

The project aims to optimize the conditions for sharing knowledge of thematic projects of the Interreg Euro-MED program, to promote their results and amplify their collective reach, while mobilizing the regional, national and trans-regional actors concerned, in order to support the transfer and integration of project results in the development of policies, including outside of the Mediterranean area.

The project Geographic scope and countries involved

Euro-Mediterranean countries:Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain

IPA cooperation zone(Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance): Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro

The partnership is made up of 8 members: 5 based in the Mediterranean area (Spain, France, Croatia, Italy and Greece), one from an IPA country (Albania) and one based outside the Mediterranean area (Belgium).

There is a public administration responsible for tourism, two universities, a network of universities, three European networks (including one specializing in tourism) and a UNEP/MAP RAC

The plan Bleu in the project

The Plan Bleu is responsible for the following elements :

  • coordinate the Mediterranean cluster on “promoting adaptation to climate change and disaster risk prevention, resilience, taking into account ecosystem-based approaches” in collaboration with NECSTOUR ;
  • contribute to the United Nations best practice indicators;
  • participate in the establishment of a manual for the implementation of the ICZM protocol at the regional level and training;
  • organize annual cluster meetings – reports;
  • develop policy documents and reports;
  • organize events ;
  • plan potential study visits for public decision-makers;
  • participate in the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Tourism.
Method and specifics

Through the participation of its representatives in events and the development and publication of various documents, the project must make it possible to increase the visibility of the UNEP/MAP system of the Barcelona Convention.

It will also contribute to the implementation of the MAP Work Program, particularly the Mediterranean Sustainable Development Strategy (MSSD).

It will aim to help maintain dialogue at different levels of action (regional, national) and with stakeholders in modular projects, able to transmit their field experience and good practices.

The project must support relevant activities focused on biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services, and marine and coastal protected areas.

During the project, the different actors will be able to create and nurture close collaboration with key stakeholders and regional organizations.


Interreg Euro-MED : European Territorial Cooperation Program which aims to make the Mediterranean region smarter, more “green” and to improve governance between its stakeholders

Mediterranean Cluster: Grouping of stakeholders in the Mediterranean

MSSD: Mediterranean Strategy for sustainable development

ICZM: Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Ecosystem services: Contributions of ecosystems to the functioning of all of Nature

PAM : Le Programme alimentaire mondial


The Mediterranean :

  • welcomes 10% of world cruises
  • was the leading tourist destination on the planet with more than 400 million international tourist arrivals in 2019
  • encompasses 8.33% of marine protected areas

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