Plan Bleu participated in the Pelagos Initiative Forum

On March 21st, Gloria Lázaro was a speaker at the first roundtable of the Pelagos Initiative Forum. The event, organized by the Pelagos Initiative, was an opportunity for the different stakeholders for the conservation of Pelagos to meet and discuss potential cooperation plans and shared objectives around three round tables:

  • Round Table 1: The Pelagos Sanctuary – a shared ambition for a sustainable blue economy and resilience to climate change.
  • Round Table 2: Harnessing initiatives and catalyzing actions for the 30X30 ambition in the Mediterranean – marine spatial planning and other tools to achieve effective conservation based on the ecosystem approach in Pelagos and beyond.
  • Round Table 3: The science and technology we need to define and implement effective associated protection measures (APMs) for the WSSP of the northwestern Mediterranean – with a particular focus on the Pelagos Sanctuary.


The event aimed to facilitate cooperation between the different key actors, make recommendations for joint and transnational actions, as well as reflect on partnerships and projects that could potentially be funded by the Pelagos Initiative.


During the Pelagos Initiative Forum, the call for projects “Climate” was launched. More information here.


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