National regulations, plans & strategies in Mediterranean countries regarding non-conventional water use

Water availability is a recurring challenge in the Mediterranean basin as water stress affects one third of the area all year round, and almost 180 million people suffer from water scarcity causing conflicts. Meanwhile even more frequent and more severe water scarcity and drought events are expected due to climate change and to increasing population thus putting continuous pressure on populations and the environment. As a result, state water planners are searching for solutions. Water reuse appears to be one of them. The reuse of reclaimed water (treated wastewater) can provide significant benefits such as reducing water abstraction, mitigating risks of hazardous effluent discharge, and offering alternative water resources. Water reuse practices have evolved in recent years and thus legislative frameworks are shifting as well in many countries. Considering the disparity in regulation frameworks, the lack of a general overview, and the growing interest in water reuse practices in the Mediterranean region, Plan Bleu has decided to detail the current state of affairs of regulations and national strategies in the Mediterranean area.

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