MED Biodiversity Protection Community - Mainstreaming biodiversity management efforts for environmental sustainability

The Med Biodiversity Protection Community/MBPC (“PANACeA2”) is a horizontal project focusing on objective 3.2. “maintaining biodiversity and natural ecosystems through strengthening the management and networking of protected areas”. MBPC project has been featured by PANACeA project, one of six Horizontal Projects approved from the first call of the Interreg Med programming period 2014-2020.

It builds on achievements to increase the impact of 3.2 modular projects’ towards common identified targets and links through:

  • Synthesizing and transferring outcomes on ecosystem protection efforts;
  • Engaging a stakeholders’ community & transferring knowledge beyond the community and the project´s lifetime,
  • Enhancing the communication & dissemination strategy,
  • Developing the long-term capitalization tool ensuring evidence-based policy enforcement.

Coordinated by the European Topic Centre at the University of Malaga, Plan Bleu is partner of this project and in charge of:

  • Developing a strategy and action plan for capitalisation activities;
  • Systematizing knowledge Capitalisation & mainstreaming events;
  • Liaising tools and recommendations for transformative changes;
  • Mainstreaming the efforts of the Adriatic-Inonian region in improving the status of biodiversity

A Community articulated around three cross-cutting issues:

  1. Addressing biodiversity protection challenges in Protected Areas, with a focus on climate change and marine litter.
  2. Sustainable use of resources, with a focus on governance model for Posidonia meadow management and on protected areas and cumulative impacts.
  3. Ecosystem approach and integrated ecosystem monitoring.


The Interreg Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection community is structured under three main topics and working groups with the support of BPC partners, as seen below. To get involved in the activities please do not hesitate to contact the partner leading the group or contact [email protected] :

Working Group 1: Biodiversity protection and transboundary challenges : Led by ETC-UMA and MedCities, please contact [email protected]


Working Group 2: Sustainable use of natural resources : Led by CPMR, please contact [email protected]


Working Group 3: Integrated ecosystem monitoring & management : Led by Plan Bleu, please contact [email protected]



This was the first virtual workshop called “Revamping the Mediterranean Community”, the first in a series to be organized by the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community. This exclusive webinar was held on 12 June 2020 starting at 10 am CET with the active engagement of the partners and associated partners in the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community project and an amazing audience made of lead partners and communication officers in our 15 thematic projects.

During this community building webinar, over 50 participants validated the analysis presented on the Community available hereits common priority targets for mainstreaming, and they joint work plan to better answer biodiversity challenges together. We were very pleased to see the interest and support to continue working on common actions through three Working Groups, which were the subject of the later webinars series, namely:  

  • WG1 on Biodiversity protection and transboundary challenges which met on 26 June to address transboundary pressures like pollution, marine litter, and climate change as well as Transboundary governance, ecological network connectivity and ecologically significant areas (EBSAs);  VIDEO WORKING GROUP 1 
  • WG3 on Integrated ecosystem monitoring and management which defined its joint roadmap on 1 July. VIDEO WORKING GROUP 3 


Main Objectives

The Biodiversity Protection Community (BPC) builds on the efforts of PANACeA during the period 2016-2019 in:

  • assisting and ensuring synergies between the community of thematic projects of Biodiversity protection
  • acting as a Science-Policy-Interface (SPI) to foster exchange of experiences and knowledge sharing to influence a behavioural and policy change.

To reach its objectives, the BPC ensures guiding two types of processes for an uptake by regional policies to support them reaching their targets to 2020 and to prioritise their policy aspirations beyond 2020 through:

  • enforced and well managed PAs network
  • working beyond MPAs with an ecosystem approach to address major types of pollution and climate change effects


The Community’s projects

  • AMAre
  • FishMPABlue2
  • PlasticBustersMPAs


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