Marine litter is at present a top ranked pollution menace to the conservation and health of marine biodiversity and functional ecosystems. The Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community,of which Plan Bleu is partner, organised a roundtable during the International Forum on Marine Litter and Circular Economy (MARLICE 2022) which has helped network and harmonize approaches to transferable evidence-based solutions and reduce pressures coming from marine litter and impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems in the region.

Scientists, decision-makers, NGOs and civil society from across the Mediterranean and beyond, came together to check the progress of the 9 key recommendations first presented by the MBPC and BeMedIslands during MARLICE 2019. The objective of the session was to check achievements and solutions to mitigate the impacts of marine litter on our marine biodiversity and health, with a particular focus on coastal areas and islands. During the session participants shared their progress, experiences and perspectives, as well as learning about the many transferrable initiatives ongoing in the region.

Get the Summary Report of the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community’s sessionduring the International Forum on Marine Litter and Circular Economy (MARLICE 2022) in Seville, Spain, on 18 and 19 May 2022.

Find the report here

Find the recommandations here

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