Mission for Natural Heritage webinar

As part of the launch of its thematic Working Groups (WGs), the Mission for Natural Heritage organised an information webinar on 9 November 2023 from 10am to 11am in the presence of numerous associated partners involved in the Dialogue4Nature and Community4Nature projects.

The four WGs are:

  • WG1: Connectivity of ecosystems
  • WG2: Promote climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • WG3: Valorisation of socio-economic value of biodiversity
  • WG4: Ecosystem Restoration and Nature-based Solutions

The Region of Crete began by outlining the context in which the Mission for Natural Heritage is evolving, i.e. the Interreg Euro-MED programme and the specific features of the two projects, the partners involved in implementation and the future role of the associated partners. Plan Bleu then presented the four thematic working groups, the potential activities and the expected benefits for the associated partners. There was plenty of time for discussion, which helped to clarify a number of points and specify the working groups’ structure and objectives. The Mission for Natural Heritage and its associated partners will be meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 21 to 24 November as part of an annual seminar organised by the Interreg Euro-MED Programme,and in Piran as part of the Mission’s first Annual Institutional Dialogue.

. For more information on our events and activities, visit the website: https://natural-heritage.interreg-euro-med.eu/

Plan Bleu
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Plan Bleu