An action-packed week of exchanges and meetings in three phases has just come to a close for Plan Bleu in Slovenia.

Connecting the Dots: The path to a smarter and greener Mediterranean – 21-22.11.2023

As part of the Interreg Euro-MED Dialogue4Nature and Community4Tourism project, our project managers Arnaud Terrisse and Samson Bellieres took part on 21 and 22 November in a major event organised by the Joint Secretariat of the Interreg Euro-MED and the Slovenian Presidency in Ljubljana. The event brought together stakeholders from across the Mediterranean region to discuss and shape the future of governance in the region. The aim of the event was to initiate institutional dialogue, strengthen and develop networks and encourage collaboration between different organisations in the Mediterranean and beyond. It was an opportunity for our two projects to meet with associated partners to prepare for future activities in 2024 and discuss the integration of future thematic projects.

Institutional Dialogue for the Community 4 Tourism initiative

At the C4T workshop, various partners presented their roles and missions in the project, which were continually put into perspective with the growing challenges of tourism in the Mediterranean. In addition, the cross-cutting aspects of coastal tourism in the Mediterranean were rigorously addressed through the various initiatives and proposals put forward by the partners present at the workshop. The construction of new stakeholder networks and databases relating to tourism issues in the Mediterranean were also highlighted.

Mission for Natural Heritage’s first Institutional Dialogue in Piran – 23.11.2023

After two days of discussions with the Interreg Euro-MED Programme and the four Missions, the Mission for Natural Heritage team set off for Piran on the coast to organise its very first Institutional Dialogue event, which will be held every year. Our partners at the National Institute of Biology gave us a warm welcome as host. The aim of the event was to initiate an open dialogue with the relevant institutions, national governments and local authorities, and to strengthen links between members of the Community. A number of activities took place, including the presentation of the Community’s vision and objectives, the co-creation of the Mission’s portfolio of services, the first physical meeting of the thematic working groups and a visit to the Škocjan caves. Plan Bleu moderated the working group session and met the first members of the working group on ecosystem restoration and nature-based solutions, which it coordinates.

Technical workshop SAIS-EBSA Governance Transference – 24.11.2023

Plan Bleu concluded this week by participating in the SAIS-EBSA Governance Transference workshop in Piran, Slovenia. The aim of the workshop was to move forward the process initiated under the Interreg Med Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community (MBPC) project,, build on previous experience and help decision-makers move towards a stable transboundary Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) framework that prioritises conservation in the South Adriatic Ionian Strait Ecologically or Biologically Significant Marine Area (SAIS-EBSA).

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