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Mission for Natural Heritage webinar

As part of the launch of its thematic Working Groups (WGs), the Mission for Natural Heritage organised an information webinar on 9 November 2023 from 10am to 11am in the presence of numerous associated partners

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06 November 2023

The Plan Bleu enriches its observatory with 53 new views on the MAPX tool.

Plan Bleu, as part of its ongoing commitment to enrich its socio-economic and enviromental Observatory, is pleased to announce the publication of 53 new views within the MapX tool. These new views allow users to explore more extensively the complex rea

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26 October 2023

Eight Policy Paper proposals selected by Plan Bleu!

Plan Bleu published in October 2023 a call for projects open to all researchers working on grants and related socio-economic and environmental issues in the Mediterranean region. Plan Bleu is delighted to announce that we have completed the selection o

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13 October 2023

Production of a policy paper on Marine Renewable Energies in the Mediterranean

1 Context and objectives “Marine” and “Ocean Energy” encompass the energy generated by offshore wind, waves, tidal power, thermal energy conversion and salinity gradient. This sector is also generally referred to as Marine Renewable Energy (MRE). The d

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20 September 2023

Plan Bleu at the 23rd edition of the European Aquaculture Society

As part of the “AquaMedCC” project on Mediterranean aquaculture and climate change, Plan Bleu is participating in the 23rd edition of theEuropean Aquaculture Society (EAS), which takes place from September 18 to 21 in Vienna. This year’s theme is: « Ba

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11 August 2023

Meeting of the Steering Committee of the MED 2050 project

MED 2050 isa foresight exercice with a triple objective: to ensure the long-term protection of the Mediterranean marine ecosystem; provide long-term insights useful for the region’s transition towards sustainable development; and finally prevent the ma

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