Robin Degron, is the new Director of Plan Bleu

Robin Degron, Referendum Advisor to the Court of Auditors is the new Director of Plan Bleu, he replaces François Guerquin since January 1, 2024.

A former student of ENA (Promotion Romain Gary) and ENGREF, Robin Degron has held several positions in decentralized services, operators and central services of the Ministry of the Environment (ONF, DIREN, International Affairs Department, General Commission for Sustainable Development) before being appointed special advisor to the General Commissioner for Strategy and Foresight (France Stratégie). He was notably editor-in-chief of the Environment Report in France and co-editor of the State of Environment Report of the European Environment Agency (EEA) at the time of the Grenelle.

For thirty years, he has worked on governance and financing of sustainable development. He also had international professional experience at the UN Geneva, the WTO, the ILO and UNESCO. Finally, it is invested in bilateral cooperation projects in Africa (e.g. Guinea, Senegal, Mauritania, Morocco).

Faced with the urgent challenges of climate change in the Mediterranean region, the arrival of new Director Robin Degron at Plan Bleu takes on crucial importance. Aware of the urgency of redefining an approach to environmental sustainability and development in the region, Robin Degron wants to see local and international initiatives and collaborations accelerate and intensify.


“The Big Blue is on red alert. The pivot role of Plan Bleu within the United Nations system, as a key center of expertise for the entire Mediterranean Basin, is essential. As guardians of the Mediterranean Basin, we have the responsibility to propose to Mediterranean States and local authorities an “articulation of temporalities” in the service of sustainable spatial planning. Drawing on the experience of the members of the Plan Bleu association and a dynamic and passionate team dedicated to the environmental sustainability of our territories, we are open to exchanges and cooperation with the driving forces of the territories, communities, associations, businesses, taking advantage of our anchorage in Marseille.” Robin Degron, Director of Plan Bleu

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