Zoom On : Female labor force participation and energy subsidies in the Mediterranean

Plan Bleu is launching a special “Zoom On” collection dedicated to environmentally harmful subsidies. Eight “Policy Papers” are currently supported by Plan Bleu for publication in 2024, with each document also briefly presented in a two-page “Zoom On” format for quick and informative reading. The first “Zoom On” is titled: “Female labor force participation and energy subsidies in the Mediterranean”.

The importance of questioning environmentally harmful subsidies cannot be underestimated. Not only are these subsidies economically costly, but they also represent a barrier to the transition towards sustainable development in the Mediterranean. Our work program aims to analyze them, formulate evidence-based policy recommendations, and raise awareness among policymakers about the need for reform.

In a world facing multiple crises, from environmental to economic, gender equality is also an urgent necessity. Plan Bleu addresses a notable gap in the current understanding of gender dynamics within the Mediterranean energy sector. Despite progress made, women’s representation in this field remains low, with their employment rate below 20%, below the general average of the rest of the economy. We draw attention to the exacerbation of this employment gap in leadership positions and the resulting decrease in income for women. Furthermore, there is a lack of quantitative research specifically exploring the links between energy policies and women’s employment in the Mediterranean. A region-specific analysis is necessary to identify the obstacles to women’s inclusion in the Mediterranean energy sector, essential for developing a comprehensive energy transition strategy.

We thank the authors of the Policy Paper that inspired this Zoom On: Stella Tsani, Karine Moukaddem, Chrysoula Chitou and Dr. Valentina Dedi.

Program Lead Coordinator: Constantin Tsakas

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