Activity report 2022

The year 2022 was a decisive turning point for Plan Bleu, with the launch of new projects but also the finalization of several years of work. First of all, it marks the end of the Interreg MED projects, after 6 years of collaboration with more than 300 actors from the Blue Growth Community and the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community. This year also allowed the finalization of Module 1 of the MED 2050 project, a real basis for the analysis of the Mediterranean system. We are proud to have been able to bring together this year 23 experts permanently associated with the Foresight Group and 93 experts in support of the latter, as well as 28 members of the Orientation Committee. Faced with the intensification of the impacts of climate change in the Mediterranean, whether floods, mega-fires, and the scorching heat of summer 2022, Plan Bleu continues to work with its partners within the framework of projects such as Climagine or CASAdapt, aimed at strengthening collaboration between the various actors around the Mediterranean and developing local and consensual responses to adapt to climate change. Finally, we continue to promote the legal (easements, real environmental obligations), economic (subsidy policies) and socio-economic analysis tools available to governments for economic development in harmony with nature. We are proud to present to you all the work carried out during this rich year.

François Guerquin, Plan Bleu Director

Other recent publications


CLIMAGINE Workshop II Report – Boka Kotorska Bay Coastal Management Plan, GEF MedProgramme, Child Project 2.1.

In the framework of the Global Environment Facility’s MedProgramme Child Project 2.1, two UNEP/MAP Regional Activity Centers (PAP/RAC and Plan Bleu) organised a joint workshop

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Final report: Large Mediterranean Marine Ecosystem – Prioritization of transboundary problems, analysis of impacts and causes

The current study on the long-term global regulations of the Mediterranean Large Marine Ecosystem (LME) is a component of the update of the Transboundary Diagnostic

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Gender-sensitive Climate Risk Assessment of the Tangier-Tétouan-Al Hoceima Region Morocco

The Mediterranean area is particularly affected by adverse consequences of climate variability and change, coupled with existing socio-economic processes associated with growing bio-geographical vulnerability and

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