1st MedECC Assessment Report Lead Author meeting

MedECC organized in Milan (Italy) from 4 to 7 March 2019, the 1st MedECC Assessment Report Lead Author meeting. 59 participants from 16 countries are brought together to work on the 1st MedECC Assessment Report (MAR1). Authors discussed and further developed the contents of each chapter. Also some technical aspects of producing the report were discussed, like the responsibilities of different types of contributors, guidelines for references, communicating uncertainties, the « line of sight », the timeline of the finalization of the report and the scientific review process.

Plan Bleu welcomes the progress of the report and the important contribution that this highly anticipated report will make to regional and national decisions in the Mediterranean. The work of the MedECC is already contributing to the regional assessments, contributing to the preparation of the future 2019 report on the State of the Environment and Development in the Mediterranean. Thus, in close cooperation with Plan Bleu, MedECC co-leads the « Climate change » chapter of the SoED 2019, ensuring a strong scientific input in the report submitted to decision makers.

Moreover, an important place was dedicated during the meeting to the science-policy interface. The plenary round table « Link between scientists and decision-makers » was held with the participation of Arnault Graves (UfM), Julien Le Tellier (UN Environment/MAP), Elen Lemaître-Curri (Plan Bleu, UN Environment/MAP Regional Activity Centre) and Arnau Queralt (CADS).

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