Stakeholder Newsbrief : MSSD review – n°3, March 2016

Following the adoption of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD 2016-2025) by the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention during their 19th Ordinary Meeting (COP19) held in Athens, Greece, 9-12 February 2016, Plan Bleu is pleased to share the Third Stakeholder Newsbrief related to the MSSD Review process.

MSSD 2016-2025 is the result of over two years of intensive collaborative work within the MAP system. Involvement, support, and substantial contributions from many regional and national organizations and stakeholders was crucial to develop this important document. This stakeholder newsbrief represents a unique occasion to congratulate and thank all of them for their support and effort for making that possible. Although facilitated by the MAP system, it is the participation of all stakeholders that will play a decisive role in the delivery of the Strategy, from national and local governments to civil society, academia, private sector, and the support of regional institutions. That is why we rely on you to maintain your valuable commitment for the implementation of your Strategy!


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