The Collaborative Partnership on Mediterranean Forests

Uniting our efforts to improve forest management in the Mediterranean

A framework to strengthen cooperation on Mediterranean forests

The Collaborative Partnership on Mediterranean Forests (CPMF) gathers various national and international institutions concerned by the future of Mediterranean forests and involved in regional cooperation actions aimed at improving forest management and enhancing its benefits for society.

The CPMF is built around six countries, Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and Türkiye, the southern and eastern Mediterranean countries that are the most forested and showed particular interest in the initiative.

The secretariat of the FAO Silva Mediterranea Committee serves as a communication hub between its member bodies, CPMF members and partner countries.

Its objectives

Through this voluntary partnership, members aim at seeking synergies to strengthen countries’ capacities and support their strategic orientations towards sustainable and integrated management of forest areas.

In view of protecting Mediterranean forest ecosystems and enhancing the vital services they provide, the CPMF aims at:

  • Strengthening the capacities of forest administrations,
  • Intensifying inter-sectoral cooperation with other relevant sectors of the economy, Improving communication,
  • knowledge and information on the importance of sustainable forest management, on forest-based goods and services, and on the potential impacts of climate change,
  • Mobilizing external support and partnerships.

CPMF: a dynamic partnership

The members coordinate their respective activities in the framework of a common programming approach based on common objectives defined by this Partnership. Synergies created between members and with countries allow in particular for:

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