Participatory governance for the multifunctional management of Mediterranean woodland areas

Plan Bleu coordinated the preparation of this report produced by the CTFC (Forest Science Centre of Catalonia) and COFOR International, in the framework of the project “Optimising the production of goods and services by Mediterranean woodland ecosystems in a context of global change”.



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NOTE #41 : cartography of building environmental information

Plan Bleu and LittOcean think-tank studied in detail the organization of the environmental observation system for three countries: Tunisie, Israel and France and drafted a

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ReGoKo, Observatory and indicators of the environment and sustainable development, Tunisia

The Regional Project “Governance and Knowledge Development”, ReGoKo, managed by Plan Bleu of the Mediterranean Action Plan, MAP, funded through a gef grant, was developed

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Plan Bleu Activity Report – 2020

In this period when all the countries bordering the Mediterranean have had to face the consequences of the health crisis, Plan Bleu has continued its

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