Practical guide for the implementation of participatory and sustainable management of wooded areas through win-win contracts in the Maâmora forest

Example of a participatory management of the suberaie in the maâmora forest – Morocco

This practical guide is part of the project “Optimizing the production of goods and services by Mediterranean forest ecosystems in a context of global changes” financed by the French Global Environment Facility (FGEF) and whose project management is ensured jointly by Plan Bleu and the Secretariat of SilvaMediterranea (FAO). This project made it possible to work in 5 Mediterranean countries (Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Türkiye) thus optimizing exchanges and consultation between the different national teams.

It aims to provide forest managers with a practical tool for the implementation of concrete forest management actions in close collaboration with users and other stakeholders on the ground. The objective is to propose processes in which managers implement participatory and partnership management (co-management) with users (local populations, cooperatives, associations, private sector, etc.) in order to establish a relationship of mutual benefit: users derive the benefits of the goods and services produced by wooded areas while preserving and conserving these resources within the framework of sustainable management.

This guide is proposed in the specific context of the Maâmora Forest with the objective of being directly usable and operational.

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