Scoping study for the assessment of the costs of degradation of Mediterranean marine ecosystems

This report is the result of the work carried out by Plan Bleu as part of the initial economic and social analysis of the EcAp (Ecosystem Approach to the Management of Human Activities) project coordinated by the WFP Coordination Unit.

This report is the result of the work carried out by Plan Bleu as part of the economic and social analysis of the EcAp project (Ecosystem Approach for the Management of Human Activities) coordinated by the WFP CoordinationUnit.

Assessing the costs of the degradation of marine and coastal ecosystems in the Mediterranean Sea on a regional scale is clearly a challenge. This study sets out different options for advancing such assessments on a Mediterranean scale, and highlights the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Consistent with the ecosystem approach process, it is suggested that priority should first be given to assessing the current costs of protecting marine and coastal ecosystems, and then to assessing the economic losses inflicted on key economic sectors such as tourism and fisheries. These evaluations will provide useful knowledge for assessing the costs and benefits of the action plans and programmes that constitute the final stage of the EcAp process.

This work also led to the preparation of another report entitled ” Economic and social analysis of the uses of Mediterranean coastal and marine waters, characterization and impacts of the fisheries,
Aquaculture, Tourism and Recreation, Shipping and Offshore Oil and Gas Extraction


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