Climate Risk and Gender Workshop in Montenegro

In the framework of the Global Environment Facility’s MedProgramme Child Project 2.1 two UNEP/MAP Regional Activity Centers (PAP/RAC and Plan Bleu) organised a joint workshop to support the development of a Coastal Management Plan (CMP) for Kotor Bay, Montenegro. The CMP’s elaboration is led by PAP/RAC and informed by Plan Bleu/RAC’s participatory method Climagine.

This third workshop proposed and reviewed a set of Sustainability Indicators for each priority sector identified in the CMP in the first meetings, as a means of monitoring progress towards the objectives of the CMP over the coming years. The first day of this workshop built on the outcomes of the two previous Climagine CMP/Climagine in Boka Kotorska, which took place in December 2021, Tivat and in July 2022, Kotor.

The second day consisted of a half-day workshop organized by Plan Bleu in the framework of the MedProgramme. It presented the main conclusions of the “Gender-sensitive Climate Risk Assessment of Boka Kotorska” and built the capacity of stakeholders to better understand the links between climate risks, impacts and gender in the area, with a view to understanding how climate risks affect the priority sectors of the CMP.

This event brought together 24 participants on the first day and 19 participants on the second day.

To learn more about the GEF MedProgrammeand Climagine methodplease contact Michael Karner : [email protected].

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