Scoping Study to Develop a Mediterranean Pilot on Measuring the Sustainability of the Mediterranean Blue Economy

Plan Bleu proudly unveils its “Scoping Study to Develop a Mediterranean Pilot on Measuring the Sustainability of the Mediterranean Blue Economy”. This comprehensive report* is presented in two volumes and suggests a framework adapted to the region’s blue economy sustainability.

Volume 1: Literature Review and Analysis of Currently Used Indicators

The first volume delves into an exhaustive literature review and analysis of existing indicators. It critically examines gaps in current sustainability assessments, setting the stage for the development of a flexible and regionally adaptable framework.

Volume 2: Developing a Framework for Blue Economy Sustainability in the Mediterranean

Volume 2 outlines the methodology, proposing over 50 sectoral and cross-cutting indicators to measure the Sustainability of the Blue economy, ensuring a balanced representation of environmental, economic, and social dimensions. Cross-sectoral consistency and a scoring system for key performance indicators (KPIs) across sectors are highlighted, providing a structured framework for evaluating sustainability. Suggested next steps involve formalizing the refined indicators framework, and producing pilot studies in strategic Mediterranean regions that could provide valuable insights and data. Continuous stakeholder engagement, capacity-building initiatives, and strategic partnerships are crucial for sustaining momentum.

Workshop Summary of Discussions Meanwhile, a summary of discussions from Plan Bleu’s recent “Sustainable Blue Economy” MultiStakeholder Regional Workshop is also available here, in English and in French.

Plan Bleu reiterates its commitment to cultivating a resilient, equitable, and prosperous blue economy in the Mediterranean, where environmental sustainability and human progress synergize for lasting regional prosperity.

* This report was produced by Plan Bleu with the support of Oceanogami.
PUBLICATION DIRECTOR : Robin Degron (Plan Bleu)
COORDINATION : Constantin Tsakas (Plan Bleu)
AUTHORS : Flavia Cavaliere, Patricia Puig, Emna Ben Lamine (Oceanogami),
Constantin Tsakas, Antoine Lafitte, Lina Tode and Samson Bellieres (Plan Bleu)

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