Baseline study to appraise coastal adaptation interventions in Mediterranean coastals hotspots – Stage I

This report summarizes a participatory process that was developed alongside the elaboration of coastal plans in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro and the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region, Morocco, in the context of the SCCF project of the GEF MedProgramme. This patricipatory process highlighted some of the key issues that local and national stakeholders consider crucial in coastal hotspots in terms of coastal adaptation and sustainability. Workshop participants also had the opportunity to learn about these economic analysis methods and how they can be applied to coastal adaptation solutions and coastal resilience.

Considering the measures proposed above, an CBA can in principle be conducted in the following cases, which are prioritized, taking into account the MCA screening carried out. In the case of the Bay of Kotor, the MCA and CBA ratings agree, while the CBA feasibility ranks the proposed solutions differently from the MCA rating. The next step is to present the list of required data to local experts so that they can determine whether the information can be collected within the project time frame for the development of CBAs. This second stage of analysis, applying CBAs to selected coastal adaptation solutions, is currently underway in the context of the MedProgramme SCCF project, and results are forthcoming. Together, these activities will inform future efforts to build the capacity of local and national stakeholders for coastal ecosystem-based adaptation and nature-based solutions in project countries. MedProgramme SCCF, based on experiences from the two coastal hotspots analyzed in this report.

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