Video – The TUNE UP project, or how to improve the governance of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean

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Plan Bleu participated in a video produced by MedWet in the framework of the Interreg MED program’s Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community’s TUNE UP project and in collaboration withMedPanand the Conservatoire du littoral. Together, they explain how community engagement contributes to sustainable development and strengthens marine biodiversity protection.

The video zooms in on TUNE UP’s methodology, which involves engaging and convening key stakeholders in decision-making processes aimed at the adoption of voluntary contracts, which are participatory governance tools that support the protection of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and their biodiversity. Indeed, co-managing MPAs requires participatory and multidisciplinary approaches at different geographical scales and levels of governance.

TUNE UP’s work is based on the results of the Wetnet project, which was part of the MBPC’s first phase (PANACeA), and focused on the adoption of voluntary contracts in Mediterranean wetlands.

TUNE UP will soon publish other videos of its Mediterranean pilot sites. Stay tuned by visiting the project’s website (link above)!

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