The Interreg MED Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community: Transforming Biodiversity Challenges in 2021

In 2020, the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community (MBPC) focused on gathering its key players to foster regional cooperation and collaborative actions in order to tackle the urgency of the crises we collectively fact at land and at sea. The MBPC is now ready to make a splash in 2021!

We incite you to play your part in its roadmap to action, to induce transformative change at every level and to share your knowledge and skills. Help us and yourselves by engaging in our transboundary quest for solutions to climate change, to pollution and to the overexploitation of our Mediterranean resources!

Get started by taking a look at the MBPC’s first newsletter of 2021 to learn more about its latest news, its upcoming events and activitiesand to delve into the efforts of its three Working Groups:

We also invite you to sign up to the MBPC’s newsletter here and to sign the MBPC’s Declaration on Mediterranean Ecosystem-based Approaches for Biodiversity Protection and Management!


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