Plan Bleu at the 23rd edition of the European Aquaculture Society

As part of the “AquaMedCC” project on Mediterranean aquaculture and climate change, Plan Bleu is participating in the 23rd edition of theEuropean Aquaculture Society (EAS), which takes place from September 18 to 21 in Vienna. This year’s theme is: « Balanced Diversity in Aquaculture Development ».


In the face of climate change, the aquaculture sector must adapt by diversifying its production processes, improving its regulatory framework and taking social realities into account. During this event, discussions between the various players in the industry (scientists, aquaculturists, engineers, politicians, etc.) allow the presentation of numerous innovations in aquacultural techniques and practices. The scientific aspects of aquaculture adaptation (such as environmental impact assessment, aquaculture species welfare, monitoring systems, etc.) are given particular emphasis, through a variety of conferences and workshops. The event also aims to address the notions of participatory economics and management associated with the European aquaculture value chain, which need to be rethought and enhanced to achieve a more sustainable and resilient European aquaculture.


The “AquaMedCC” project is currently in its first phase. Its aim is to study the direct and indirect impacts of climate change on the Mediterranean aquaculture industry, and to identify and promote innovative techniques to boost the industry’s resilience and sustainability. Participation in the European Aquaculture Society is intended to amplify the results of the project’s various activities, with the aim of initiating the second phase of the research.

The second phase will focus on developing and promoting, through the publication of guidelines, the most effective aquaculture practices and techniques in terms of environmental impact reduction. These practices will have been identified during the first phase of the project.

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