Med 2050 workshop at the 5th edition Méditerranée du Futur, world conference

This beginning of December was marked by the 5th edition Méditerranée du Futur, which took place in Marseille, on December 5 and 6, 2022. On this occasion, Tatjana Hema, UNEP/MAP Coordinator was present. Entitled this year “Solutions for a sustainable future”, this forum was an opportunity for Plan Bleu to present in plenary session the six scenarios of Med 2050, by the voice of its Vice-President, Denis Lacroix.

TheMed 2050 project is a foresight exercise which aims to build scenarios on the future of the Mediterranean basin – including the marine domain – by 2050. From these scenarios, it is a question of proposing transition paths and recommendations to move towards one or more desirable scenarios, and thus to strengthen the resilience of the region in the face of probable turbulence and major risks to come.

During this forum, these scenarios were also honored through the realization of a workshop with the young people of the Mediterranean Youth Council, in partnership with the Association des Têtes de l’Art. In the form of a TV set, the two parts of the workshop, “Understand Med 2050” then “act for Med 2050”, made it possible to engage in discussion with young people from all over the Mediterranean basin on the content of the scenarios and the reactions they aroused among young people and political decision-makers through the creation of micro-sidewalks during the event.

Some young people took the floor during the event to express their deep commitment to the future of the Mediterranean. “It’s time to take action”, explains a young person present on the spot, to which an other young man adds that “the EU must play a crucial role in the ecological transition of the Mediterranean!“.

Marion Riera, graphic facilitator working with Med 2050, was impressed by the young people present on site.“All the scenarios make people react”she confided, and this event reflects“a lot of commitment”on the part of young people.

TheRégion Sud, organizer of the Forum, was also represented during the Med 2050 workshops, with Ludovic Perney, Vice-President of the Region in charge of Youth, Sports and Student Life. “It’s time to take our destiny into our own hands” he said to urge the young people he wanted to thank for their “passion for our common good”. Asked about his opinion on the contribution of the scenarios for the future of the Mediterranean and the Region, he replied: “To govern is to foresee”.

The workshop was a great success, with the participation of many young people present on site, and an online follow-up by people unable to come for the event. Plan Bleu was represented by François Guerquin, Lina Tode, Khadidja Amine, and Aloïs Aguettant.

More information about the Med 2050 project.

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