First meeting of the CASadapt research-action project steering committee

13 members of the steering committee (COPIL) responsible for the development and implementation of the “Research-action: analyze, imagine, consult, adapt the socio-ecosystems of the Mediterranean coast to climate change” project met for the first time on Monday January 21, 2022 by videoconference.


Project presentation

Through an experimental system set up on the territory of the Community of Agglomeration of Sophia-Antipolis (CASA), the project consists in developing and applying a foresight methodology to anticipate the adaptation of the coast to the effects of climate change.

This methodology is based on a multi-actor consultation bringing together scientists, socio-economic actors of the territories, civil society, communities and public administrations in a foresight group.

In addition, the articulation of the objectives defined by the development plans and strategies established at the international, Mediterranean, regional (South region) and local (CASA) levels will be studied.

Plan Bleu, AIR Climat / GREC-SUD, the South Region, the Sophia-Antipolis Agglomeration Community and its Development Council are jointly piloting this project, in science-politics-society interface.


During this first meeting, COPIL members discussed the project’s work plan and the link with ongoing projects in CASA territory, in particular the development of a coastal management strategy with CEREMA and the implementation of the approach CASA2040for the development of the SCOT equivalent to PCAET, and at the regional level with the platformMon Littoral. In addition to the COPIL, two bodies are being set up for the design of the CASadapt project: the scientific committee and the foresight group. The composition of these groups will be specified shortly.

The CASadapt project includes carrying out a territorial and climate change diagnosis. The table of contents of this diagnosis was shared with the COPIL: a first part defining the scope of the diagnosis, then a second part collecting and synthesizing data on climate change and on adaptation to climate change on the territory of the CASA . This first table of contents validated by the COPIL will serve as a basis for the development of the diagnosis, and will be adapted as needed as it is developed.

During this COPIL, the following needs were noted:

  • work in collaboration between the GEMAPI and CASA planning departments, the development council, the Air Climat region and Plan Bleu to identify synergies between the projects that are underway and related to the theme of adaptation to climate change;
  • focus on raising awareness, communicating and mobilizing stakeholders (elected officials, civil society, private sector, etc.).

At the conclusion of the COPIL, Plan Bleu announced the forthcoming publication of a territorial soap opera by ADEME as part of the approachTransitions 2050, in which the CASadapt project will be presented. Finally, the next COPIL meeting will take place in the spring and will include a presentation of the territorial diagnosis as well as the forecasting and consultation methodology developed within the framework of the project.

For more information on the project, you can contact:

Kelly Fouchy,Project manager: coastal adaptation to climate change

Plan Bleu
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