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With nearly 6,000 participants registered on site and more than 3,500 participants online, the 7th IUCN World Conservation Congress (September 3-11, 2021) brought together government and civil society representatives, indigenous, religious and spiritual communities, the private sector and academia, to collectively decide on actions to be taken to address the most pressing challenges in conservation and sustainable development.

Throughout the congress, Mediterranean solutions were particularly honored within the Mediterranean Solutions Stand (MEDStand) co-organized by Plan Bleu and 11 other conservation organizations: Accobams, CEPF, Conservatoire du Littoral, IUCN Med, MedFund, MedPAN, MAVA Foundation, MedWet, SPA / RAC, Tour du Valat and WWF. This consortium and this congress were for Plan Bleu the opportunity to organize great meetings and to speak out to alert and inform about issues related to the environment and development in the Mediterranean.

In the coming months, some important milestones such as the COP 22 of the Barcelona Convention which will consider, among others, the new Post-2020 Strategic Action Program for the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable management of natural resources in the Mediterranean region as well as the proposal to designate the Mediterranean Sea, as a whole, as a sulfur oxide (SOx) emission control area for its adoption, will provide opportunities to continue these joint efforts to halt the loss of biodiversity of by 2030 and promote the recovery and restoration of ecosystems by 2050 in the region!

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– Opening ceremony: presentation of the Pamex
Guillaume Sainteny, President of Plan Bleu, spoke alongside Barbara Pompili, Minister of Ecological Transition, Annick Girardin, Minister of the Sea and Tatjana Hema, UNEP / MAP coordinator to present the Action Plan for a Mediterranean copy (Pamex).

– High time to act for Mediterranean!

On September 4, Tatjana Hema spoke on our MED Stand during the day co-organized by SPA-RAC and Plan Bleu. The UNEP / PAM coordinator warned about the current state of the environment and development of the Mediterranean, a clear conclusion: It is time to act for our Mediterranean!
Our director François Guerquin presented the State of the Environment and Development Report in the Mediterranean in the afternoon.

– The “Ocean approved” label presented to the public
Our director François Guerquin spoke during the session co-organized with the French Ministry of the Sea, the Fondation de la Mer and the SCP-RAC on the “Ocean Approved” label to support companies that commit to reducing their impact on the Ocean. An initiative hailed by the audience!

– Nature-based solutions in the spotlight!
On September 5 and 6, several sessions were organized around the Sfn., Including one co-organized by IUCN-Med, the Tour du Valat and the Plan Bleu, with the interventions of Tatjana Hema and Céline Dubreuil, director of the Plan Bleu programs. which also took part in a session organized on the Pavilion of the French committee of IUCN.

– Climate and environmental change in the Mediterranean: the scientific world is sounding the alarm!
Wolfgang Cramer (MedECC, CNRS), Thierry Perez (CNRS) and Alberte Bondeau (MedECC, CNRS) warned that “The main drivers of climate change include pollution, unsustainable use of land and seas and invasive alien species. Significantly increased efforts are needed for mitigation and adaptation in the region! “

– Aquaculture and Biodiversity in the Mediterranean!
Plan Bleu organized a session on the French Pavilion, in partnership with the French Development Agency, highlighting solutions to limit the environmental impact of aquaculture in the Mediterranean. Céline Dubreuil, our program director moderated these discussions and spoke on the impacts of aquaculture on biodiversity.

– Solutions for cruise ship owners presented during the “ICO solutions” event at the Palais de la Bourse
During the “Cruise and Biodiversity” Workshop co-organized by the Club de la Croisière Marseille Provence, the CCI AMP, the Conservatoire du Littoral and Plan Bleu, Céline Dubreuil, our program director, presented the challenges in terms of biodiversity Mediterranean cruises as well as existing measures and solutions to limit their impact.

– An online Campus session was organized by the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community In collaboration with the Sustainable Tourism Community, these communities have once again shown the need to work together to achieve a sustainable Mediterranean for people and nature !

To close our participation in the IUCN congress, Plan Bleu organized a press conference on September 8 with the intervention of the president of Plan Bleu, Guillaume Sainteny, Lina Tode, deputy director of Plan Bleu and Katarzyna Marini, scientific manager. of the MedECC network. This conference was the opportunity to present to the general public the respective SoED 2020 and MAR1 reports as well as to inform citizens and all the actors concerned about the environmental risks in the Mediterranean and the actions to be taken to fight against these risks.

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