Plan Bleu in conjunction with the Bayswater Institute, UK developed the Imagine” approach in order to address sustainable coastal zone management needs in the Mediterranean.

Within the frame of the project "Integration of climate variability and change into national strategies for the implementation of the ICZM Protocol in the Mediterranean", an adaptation of "Imagine" is offered through "Climagine" which addresses the specific challenges of variability and climate change in coastal zones and is linked to the needs and benefits of the DIVA model (developed by the Potsdam Institute in Germany and coordinated by the PAP RAC) for the Croatian case (County of Sibenik-Knin) and RiVAMP model (developed by UNEP GRID Geneva) for the Tunisian case (Kerkennah archipelago).

Three workshops involving stakeholders’ representatives (national and local authorities, institutions, scientists, NGOs, representatives of the local economy) will be organized.

  • The first workshop will allow stakeholders to identify the driving forces and pressures in the studied coastal area. Issues and effects of climate change have to be recognized. During the first workshop it is essential to carry out an inventory of available data and the institutions that host and manage them. These data are essential to run the associated model.
  • The second workshop will open the debate on the first set of environmental, economic and social indicators and provide a place for exchanging about the assumptions of scenario.
  • The third workshop will demonstrate to stakeholders the results of each scenario based on products and results of the model. This workshop will also enable stakeholders to draft policy recommendations on how to address the impacts of climate variability and climate change and how mainstreaming them into the process of developing a local ICZM action plan.

Requirements for Climagine:

  • Experienced facilitator. Target a good local moderator/coordinator and define a motivated local team made up with 2 or 3 national experts.
  • Full engagement of key stakeholders in all workshops. List of invited participants has to be highly arranged. Take care to invite all representatives for institutions and people who play a role in the area. On the other hand, maintaining contact between workshops is essential for the success of the workshops; people have to be motivated with mails and calls. They have to feel that their regular attendance is necessary for the success of the whole process.

This diagram shows the process with three workshops Climagine

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Contribution to the updating of the integrated management plan for coastal zones of the Kerkennah archipelago:

Rapport de synthèse sur l'approche participative "Climagine" (octobre 2015)
Rapport du premier atelier de concertation “Climagine”,19 juin 2014
Rapport du second atelier de concertation "Climagine", 27-28 janvier2015
Rapport du troisième atelier de concertation “Climagine”, 28-29 juillet 2015
Report in French 
Report in English 
Synthesis in Arabic

A systemic and prospective sustainability analysis within the Šibenik-Knin County (Croatia):

Report on the 1st “Climagine” workshop, 8th April, 2013
Report on the 2nd “Climagine” workshop, 8th November, 2013
Report on the 3rd “Climagine” 
workshop, 9th June, 2014

Report on the 4th “Climagine” workshop, 21st April, 2015
Final report