Wetlands in a warming world: Why the Mediterranean needs nature-based solutions

wetland in warming world

This brief pack explains what wetlands are and why they matter, particularly when it comes to climate change. Preserving and restoring these vital ecosystems is essential for our future survival in a fast-changing world – and groundbreaking work to do so is already underway.

This document has been created for the media trip to Oristano (Sardinia) on 25-27 October 2019 organised by the IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation in collaboration wtih the Medsea Foundation and Medwet.

Off Your Map is a collaboration between the following partners: Plan Bleu, BirdLife International, DiversEarth, Euronatur, Global Water Partnership, IUCN, MAVA, MedINA, MedPAN, Medsea, MedWet, PAP/RAC, Tour du Valat, UNEP/MAP, Wetlands International and WWF.




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