The Blue Plan’s sustainable development outlook for the Mediterranean

The document is based on the Blue Plan’s work on the environment and sustainable development in the Mediterranean, aimed at reflecting the developments which have come about over recent decades. Its aim is to warn of the main risks related to the persistence of current trends and to invite action through the proposal of strategic guidelines to better reconcile environment and development and strengthen solidarity between the shores.

The 1st section deals with the economic, social, environmental and political aspects which will affect the path of development up to 2025.

The 2nd part documents 7 major sustainable development stakes for the Mediterranean:

  • • Water
  • • Energy
  • • Transports
  • • Urban areas
  • • Rural areas
  • • Coastal areas
  • • Marine environment

Finally, the last section provides a summary of the conclusions and proposals for making the Mediterranean an area of cooperation towards sustainable development. These are: Developing a Mediterranean approach to sustainable development Anticipating climate change Managing land in a sustainable fashion Reconciling economic growth and the environment Enjoying strong political impetus at the highest level Rolling out regional guidelines at national and local level Expressing guidelines in action Strengthening partnerships.

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