Promoting sustainable and inclusive tourism in the Mediterranean: Guidelines for a Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean

Tourism, a major economic sector in the Mediterranean, generating social and environmental impacts, and potentially victim of its success……

Over time the Mediterranean region has developed a unique blend of tourism activities related with sea and coastal areas, health, sports, nature, business, culture, offering consistent employment (11,5% of total employment) and wealth (11,3% of regional GDP) (WTTC, 2015). However, the economic growth induced by tourism activities has often been to the detriment of environmental integrity and
social equity. Sea-Sand-Sun (3S) dependency, cultural alteration, environmental pollution, resource depletion, climate change vulnerability, geopolitical insecurity, social instability, are the raising issues that threaten the long-term sustainability of the tourism sector in the Mediterranean.

In this complex picture, how to promote tourism activities enhancing positive impacts while reducing negative externalities? Which strategy can insure that tourism contributes significantly to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at regional, national and local level?


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