Assessment of the socio-economic value of the goods and services provided by Mediterranean forest ecosystems. Synthèse régionale

This report is the result of work conducted by Plan Bleu and the Secretariat of Comité Silva Mediterranea (FAO) as part of the “Optimizing the production of goods and services by Mediterranean forest ecosystems in a context of global changes” project, funded by the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM) for the period 2011 to 2016.

The project’s partner countries are Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, and Türkiye.

The forests of these countries contribute to combating poverty, the socio-economic development of rural areas, food security, and cultural and recreational heritage. However, these studies are important because forest management strategies do not necessarily seek to optimise the value of forest goods and services, whether locally by local users, nationally by other economic sectors that benefit from them, or internationally by international carbon credit funds.

These studies have been implemented in four pilot sites: Chréa National Park in Algeria, Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve in Lebanon, Maamora Forest in Morocco, and Düzlerçami Forest in Türkiye.

Using each of the national study reports, this report attempts to analyse the methods, their implementation and the results obtained to evaluate the various services of the sites studied, and to compare them with previous studies. Finally it presents conclusions and lessons learned for economic valuation on a regional scale.

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