Plan Bleu presented the work on renewable marine energies of the Blue Growth community at the Blue Event Energy

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On Tuesday September 21, the Blue Energy event organized by INTERACTwas held. This online event has discussed the potential of maritime cooperation, of cooperation beyond maritime borders supported by Interreg in the field of marine renewable energies. Informative videos (online on the Interact YouTube page) concerning the different approaches of Interreg within the framework of Blue Energy were produced in advance by the panelists, including one by Dr Céline Dubreuil from Plan Bleu to present the recommendations resulting from the report on Marine Renewable Energies in the Mediterranean produced by the Blue Growth community. The video is available online through this link.Other panellists were present such as Simon Cheeseman (Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult), Danielle Moodie (EMEC) and Anika Ponder (IKEM) who respectively presented the Interreg TIGER project, the BLUEGIFT project and the Baltic InteGrid project. Simone Bastianoni (University of Siena, member of the Blue Growth community), presented the MAESTRALE project. This roundtable provided an opportunity to discuss substantive topics, such as the impact and relevance of cooperation programs through the prism of blue energy.

The event agenda with all the information is available here

The report of the meeting are available via this link

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