Meeting of the Steering Committee of the MED 2050 project

MED 2050 isa foresight exercice with a triple objective: to ensure the long-term protection of the Mediterranean marine ecosystem; provide long-term insights useful for the region’s transition towards sustainable development; and finally prevent the major risks of crises or ruptures that could have an impact on sustainable development by 2050.

On July 5, 2023, the Steering Committee of the MED 2050 projectmet for the third time since the launch of the project in 2019.

The meeting, which was held remotely, brought together 18 members of this Committee,as well as the project team: Lina Tode, Deputy Director, Khadidja Amine, Sustainable Development and Prospective Project Manager, Jacques Theys and Denis Lacroix, both Vice-Presidents of the Plan Bleu Office, in charge of Forecasting.

The objective of this meeting was to take stock of the progress of MED 2050 and to present the 6 scenarios developed within the framework of the project. It was also an opportunity to start a discussion on transition paths for sustainable development in the Mediterranean, based on the scenarios produced.

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