Medadapt Awards Special edition: “building and construction sector

A special edition of the Medadapt Awards has just been launched, on the theme of adaptation of the buildings and the construction sector. Candidates have until April 9, 2023 to submit their applications. The award ceremony will take place on May 11, 2023, during the MeetMED Week in Marrakech.

This new edition will mobilise all the actors involved in adapting to climate change in the countries of the Mediterranean basin and will highlight their projects. It will reward exemplary and reproducible practices, concerning buildings, infrastructures and facilities designed or renovated in a resilient manner.

The aim of these awards is to encourage other territories to adapt to climate change by drawing inspiration from the winning projects. Previous editions have identified and highlighted over 100 projects from 18 countries around the Mediterranean.

This special edition of the Mediterranean Climate Change Adaptation Awards is an opportunity to raise awareness of the urgent need to take action, for the building sector, and the importance of working together to create inspiring and innovative solutions that can be used throughout the region.

We thank you for the visibility that you will be able to bring to this special edition and for relaying this appeal for applications in order to bring out projects for adaptation to climate change.


Medadapt Awards website

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