Mission: External Auditor


Association Law 1901 with about fifteen employees, the Plan Bleu is a Center of expertise for development and the environment at the service of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea

To this ends, Plan Bleu sets up communication actions with the various stakeholders. By joining the communication team, you will ensure the good cohesion of the messages within the internal team and will broadcast the news of the Plan Bleu externally.


Cash budget

About € 1,500,000 in national, international and private public subsidies per year provided by 5 to 10 different funders.

Budget in kind

About 200.000 € in the form of provision of premises by several different contributors.


Internal organization

The general accounting is established internally by the association as well as the cost accounting on three significant axes. The CAC will carry out the checks by operating by sampling, placing its scope according to the potential risk, and will adjust these controls according to the recommendations of the order, applicable to associations of the type of Plan Bleu.



ACC is to carry out a first mission for this type of structure, namely:

  • the certification of the accounts with regard to compliance with the standards in force and the methods specific

    to the Plan Bleu association,

  • verification of the reconciliation between general and cost accounting,
  • the issue of specific certifications drawn up for the attention of financiers in the context of specific projects, entailing the monitoring of compliance with contractual obligations (in particular the eligibility and reality of the charges charged, and the clearance of advances received),
  • the issue of a report and a special report (the latter on the basis of the information communicated by the association),

to which is added a secondary mission:

– specific advisory missions relating to the application of the legislation, taking into account the particularities of the association.

Its mission includes regular on-site visits, and possible attendance at general meetings (held in Paris). Remote interviews may take place.


Duration of the mission

The mission is six years, renewable.

The contractor estimates the work at a hundred hours per year.


Documents requested

  • Mission letter (technical and financial offer)
  • references

Other tenders

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