Facilitator/animator of the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community final event

The Mediterranean leading the way – A cooperative framework to strengthen area-based nature conservation actions”

1 Context and objectives

From 2016 to 2019, the Interreg MED PANACeA project was implemented to streamline management efforts in Protected Areas for enhanced biodiversity conservation in the Mediterranean. The second phase of this project, the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community (MBPC), is a horizontal project focusing on “maintaining biodiversity and natural ecosystems through strengthening the management and networking of protected areas”, running from 2019 to 2022. The MPBC built on PANACeA’s achievements to increase the impact of its modular projects concerning:

  1. Synthesising and transferring outcomes on ecosystem protection efforts;
  2. Engaging a stakeholder community & transferring knowledge beyond the community and the project´s lifetime;
  3. Enhancing its communication & dissemination strategy;
  4. Developing a long-term capitalization tool ensuring evidence-based policy enforcement.

PANACeA’s Modular Projects can be consulted here, and the MBPC’s Modular Projects can be consulted here. The MBPC recently welcomed two more projects: AMARE+ and FISHMPABLUE2+. The MBPC is coordinated by the European Topic Centre of the University of Malaga (ETC-UMA), and Plan Bleu/RAC leads the MBPC’s Capitalisation Work Package by:

  • Developing a strategy and action plan for capitalisation activities;
  • Systematising knowledge capitalisation & mainstreaming events;
  • Liaising tools and recommendations for transformative changes;
  • Mainstreaming the efforts of the Adriatic-Ionian region in improving the status of biodiversity.

These Terms of Reference concern the facilitation/animation and preparatory work of the final event of the MBPC “The Mediterranean leading the way – A cooperative framework to strengthen area-based nature conservation actions” to be held in Brussels from 2 to 4 November 2022.

The objective of this final event is to support relevant stakeholders to effectively address biodiversity-related management or policy needs and induce transformative change through effective tested tools and experiences.

The event will showcase collaborative environmental science, management and policy achievements of the 18 Interreg Mediterranean projects engaged in cooperative actions that focused on biodiversity conservation and global change resilience. The event will be the occasion to showcase the main achievements of the MBPC and its modular projects and to foster the cooperation towards a healthy Mediterranean region.

This event will build on a policy paper on “Transformative change for the conservation, restoration and wise use of biodiversity in the Mediterranean” that will identify the social factors at both the individual and collective levels, including behavioural, social, cultural, economic, institutional, technical and technological dimensions, that need to be ensured or changed to bring about transformative change for the conservation, restoration and wise use of biodiversity, while taking into account broader social and economic goals in the context of sustainable development and climate change adaptation and mitigation. This policy paper will highlight the most relevant information from the MBPC projects results linking their use as practical and tangible ways contribute to implementing key international initiatives, namely the IPBES transformative change assessment process, in addition to other relevant international and regional strategies such as the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, IPCC chapter on the Mediterranean, UN Restoration Decade, Post-2020 SAP BIO, Post- 2020 MPA Roadmap, and the MedECC report indicating applicable ways that countries and stakeholders are guided to use to induce factible transformative changes in the Mediterranean region.

2 Tasks description

The objective of the present call for applicants is to select an expert to support the preparatory work and to facilitate the final event of the MBPC to be held in Brussels.

  1. Prior to the meeting:
  • To support the preparatory work by supporting the finalisation of the agenda, support setting the overarching target of the event, develop the methodology of each session a
  • To attend the organisation and coordination meetings with the MBPC team to agree on the objectives of each session, the targeted questions that each session should address, as well as the outcomes expected from each session.
  • To call for meetings with the speakers to prepare for the sessions and for their interventions content, to ask them for material to be sent beforehand and help extract key messages to be developed during the event and considered in the final report. This part should include activities such as:
    • contacting the speakers and setting bilateral meetings to fine-tune the session content,
    • During this part the consultant will extract key messages from the speakers for communication purposes and will advise the event’s communication team on relevant social media posts.
  • To support the communication team with inputs to support framing PPTs, speakers booklet, quotes, key messages and others, to be linked to the communication strategy.
  1. During the event: Facilitate all the sessions of the event.
  2. After the event: Draft a report summarising the main achievements of the event with the support of minutes provided by the MBPC team.

A policy paper report will support the structuring of the final event, in terms of the priority actions and solutions extracted from the policy and MBPC results´mapping. This key document needs to be considered to highlight key messages during the final event.

The total duration of the contract is 13 days. The full list of the services contracted for this activity, includes:

  1. Support the preparatory work for the final event by attending the organisation/coordination meetings and developing the tasks described above
  2. Follow up with speakers to prepare for each session and extract the main messages from each session (for the concluding session and the report)
  3. Participate in the event in Brussels (2-4 November 2022).
  4. Draft a targeted report summarising the event achievements.

The tasks to be developed under this activity should be coordinated with the MBPC communication activities planned for the final event that are developed under MedCities’ lead.

Each of the above described steps will be validated by the MBPC team. Regular calls and meetings with Plan Bleu, ETC-UMA, and Medcities will be planned during the activities development to ensure a smooth development of the tasks and that the results are adapted to the needs. The consultant will have to exchange with all MBPC’s partners/organisations when necessary.

The layout of the report will be handled by MBPC Partner Latte Creative, according to the visual identity of the Interreg Med MBPC project.

Travel costs to the event will be covered by the MBPC project and do not need to be considered in the economic proposal for this consultancy

3 Selection of the expert

  • Masters or PhD or equivalent degree in policy and/or environmental studies
  • Previous relevant experience in preparing and facilitating events
  • Previous relevant experience on biodiversity conservation matters
  • Experience in the Mediterranean region strongly desired and a good knowledge of actors and governance processes in Mediterranean countries
  • Knowledge of the MBPC Interreg Med is strongly desired.
  • Strong conceptual and synthesis ability combined with good english writing and communication skills
  • Ability to mobilize information and existing knowledge in an efficient way
  • Relevant project and publications references
  • Fluency in English as well as proven technical writing skills is required.

The selection of the expert will be done based on a presentation of a technical offer, an economic offer, as well as a letter of interest and a resume making reference to these Terms of Reference.

4 Contractual and financial terms

The acceptance of the offer of the successful tender will implicate the acceptation of the conditions and schedules detailed in this ToR.A duly-issued invoice will be required for payment at the presentation of the final document. The payment term for the invoice will be by bank transfer 15 days after the invoice date (bank account details should be detailed). The tax legislation in force at the date of acceptance of the offer will be applied.

5 Intellectual property

In the spirit of cooperation and exchange, the ownership of the work covered by the contract related to this ToR is open to the public and free of rights. The deliverables and results of the project should be accessible and available for free to the general public in a usable format. The authorship of the work covered by the contract related to this ToR is co-shared between the author and the MBPC project partners.

6 How to apply

  • Applications must be submitted by 20 September 2022
  • Applications must be submittedthrough Plan Bleu website: www.planbleu.organd by e-mail at: glazaro@planbleu.org
  • Applications must contain a technical offer, an economic offer (in Euros) including VAT if needed, as well as a letter of interest and a resume making reference to these Terms of Reference.

Additional information required for consultancy firm:

  • Certificate of incorporation or other legal proof of your company’s registration, delivered from the appropriate authority in your country (incl. fiscal number)
  • Kbis extract issued within the last 3 months for French companies

Additional information required for individual consultants:

  • Registration certificate to the Directory of Enterprises and Institutions
  • Document or Certificate stating the right to practice this profession (e.g. registration certificate) delivered from the appropriate authority in your country (incl. fiscal number)

Deadline for submission of offer: 20 September 2022

For any questions related to this call for applicants please contact:

Ms Gloria Lazaro, Programme officer, Plan Bleu

E-mail: glazaro@planbleu.org


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