Consultant : Campus session consultant IUCN WCC2

Terms of reference

  1. Context and objectives

The Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community (MBPC) and the Sustainable Tourism Community (STC)- two Horizontal projects of the Interreg Mediterranean initiative co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) – were launched in November 2016 for a three-year period, and they were renewed in October 2019 until June 2022 and enriched with new territorial cooperation projects. The Communities rely now on more than 30 territorial cooperation projects involving more than 400 organisations (mainly public authorities, universities, NGOs and international organisations) to promote sustainable tourism and biodiversity protection by capitalizing on tools and good practices developed by their projects in the Mediterranean.

Despite the difficulties resulting from the Covid-19 crisis, the Communities’ members are moving forward in the development of state-of the art-results, tools and lessons learnt making available a unique knowledge asset that can contribute to:

  • the need for transformative changes towards the adoption of ecosystem-based solutions found to urgent environmental threats facing the Mediterranean region and affecting its resilience and
  • the transition to innovative tourism policies and practices based on sustainability principles.

To ensure the regular mainstreaming of best practices of the MBPC and STC to other areas and stakeholders, a series of transferring and capitalization events will be developed during the duration of both projects. In this context, the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community and the Sustainable Tourism Community will co-organize a Campus Session during the IUCN World Conservation Congress.

The organisers are seeking to raise awareness and create a dialogue during the next workshop on tested ecosystem-based tools developed by EU co-funded projects to support an environmentally aware community of economic actors in the Mediterranean. The workshop aims as well at mainstreaming the results of the projects into European, national, regional and local policies, also having in mind how they can contribute to a green post-Covid sustainable tourism recovery. The workshop is organized by CPMR and Plan Bleu with the collaboration of lead partners of the Communities (ETC-UMA and DIBA) and other partners from the MBPC and STC Communities and with the support of IUCN Center for Mediterranean Cooperation.

This Campus session on “Innovative tools & practices to ensure a healthy Mediterranean biodiversity and sustainable tourism” will take place on September 6 2021, from 11h to 13h within the framework of the Official Programme of the IUCN World Conservation Congress. The registration fees of the consultant to participate in the virtual event will be covered by the organisers.

More information on the event can be found here.

  1. Tasks description

The consultant will be tasked the following main activities:

  1. Prior to the session: develop a methodology for the 2-hour campus session, liaising with partners and speakers to develop the necessary contents of the session, including a finalisation of the agenda and advising on potential online tools that could be used for ensuring the interactivity with the audience, attending the organisation meetings with partners and preparatory meetings with speakers to extract key messages to be developed during the event.
  2. During the session: facilitate the 2-hours event, acting as a moderator and animating the discussion with the audience, drafting the content and the main outcomes and extracting conclusions and recommendations from the workshop.
  3. Post session: Drafting a report of the session synthesising the main findings and containing the conclusions and recommendations from the workshop.

The total duration of the contract is 7 days. The full list of the services contracted for this activity, with a minimum half a day webinar facilitation, is:

  1. To develop a methodology to the campus session, based on the draft agenda provided by the STC and MBPC partners, including the focus and main targets of the sections, questions to be asked and ensuring the relevant materials are prepared in advance with organizers and discussed with the speakers.
  2. Liaising with speakers and the STC and MBPC partners for this campus session, in this case CPMR and Plan Bleu and ETC-UMA and DIBA, to facilitate the participants and speakers’ involvement and interactions prior to the session assisted by the partners.
  3. The consultant will participate in the session on 6 September, and will be responsible for facilitating and moderating the workshop, supported by the STC and MBPC partners for technical aspects.
  4. To prepare the session report ensuring the main contents, outcomes, conclusions and outlook reached during the workshop using plain language adapted to a general public as this subject entails many types of stakeholders.

As a reference of the format and quality standards expected, more information of one previous event is available here.

  1. Application and selection process

The consultant will provide a Curriculum Vitae and an expression of interest presenting his/her proven capabilities in response to this call for applications, accompanied by a financial offer and deliverables timeline.

The working language will be English. A good command of oral and written English is required to complete the mission.

The expert must indicate in his/her economic offer (or daily rate) his/her SIRET number or any other form of identification suitable for a consultancy activity, according to the tax legislation of his/her country of residence.

The expression of interest must contain a technical proposal illustrating the consultant’s appropriate understanding of the task, its requirements and timeline.

Each of the above described steps will be validated by the contracting institution Plan Bleu, in collaboration with CPMR, ETC-UMA and DIBA.

Offers should be sent by email by the 11 July 2021 at the latest, to: glazaro@planbleu.org; mkarner@planbleu.org, lise.guennal@crpm.org, daniaabdulmalak@uma.es, sonsolessanroman@uma.es and rodriguezlj@diba.cat

Regular calls and meetings with Plan Bleu and CPMR and/or other STC and MBPC partners will take place during the activity development and follow up phases.

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