Call for self-nominations of Authors for MedECC Special Reports

MedECC, http://www.medecc.org/, the network of Mediterranean Experts on Climate and Environmental Change, has recently published its first assessment report (MAR1) on environmental
issues of concern in the Mediterranean region. 190 scientists from 25 countries have contributed to the report. In 2020 MedECC has been awarded the North-South Prize of the Council of Europe. MedECC now embarks on the next step by focusing on several specific ‘burning issues’ of concern in the region through the development of several Special Reports. We are pleased to share with you the call for self-nominations of potential Lead Authors for these MedECC Special Reports on the following issues related to climate and environmental change in the Mediterranean Basin:
• Coastal risks
• The climate-water-energy-food-ecosystems nexus
• Environmental change, conflict and human migration

The precise title, content and outline of each of these reports will be developed on the basis of existing concept notes, in consultation with experts and stakeholders during the coming months.
These Special Reports are intended to be the outcome of a shared and voluntary action by scientists from multiple disciplines, aiming for discussion and approval by policymakers after completion. They will be based on the critical assessment of all available scientific literature and not be a product of new research.

We here invite self-nominations from experts from the full range of scientific, technical and socio- economic expertise and backgrounds linked with the Mediterranean region. This call is not restricted to scientists who already joined MedECC. To the contrary, you are invited to share this call with other experts of these matters you know. We are keen to extend the pool of MedECC authors and we strive to further enhance diversity in this community. The condition is to be an active scientist in the domain of the report with a PhD degree and publications.

We particularly invite experts from the southern and eastern Mediterranean to apply. It is very important that the expertise from all sub-regions/countries of the Mediterranean is represented
among the MedECC report authors in a balanced way. Moreover, the gender equilibrium is also important and we particularly encourage women to apply. The objective of the MedECC reports is to provide comprehensive, objective, open and transparent scientific assessments. Therefore, the MedECC requires that the authors have appropriate expertise. All self-nominations should indicate the report to which the author wishes to contribute, author’s role(s), key area of expertise within the topic of the report and be accompanied by a summary (maximum 4 pages) curriculum vitae in English.

The MedECC Steering Committee will select Coordinating Lead Authors and Lead Authors. The selection of Contributing Authors to support lead authors will be a matter for the Coordinating Lead Authors and Lead Authors of each report and this will be decided during the writing phase.

We would like to point out that author roles for MedECC are assigned following a selection procedure overseen by our Steering Committee and they are not remunerated. You need to expect
to be able to liberate some significant amount of time to carry out this work, which is expected to take place during approximately two years.

Please find enclosed the application form and here below some details on the procedure, the short concept notes and the description of the roles of authors.

You are invited to submit self-nominations by email to the MedECC Secretariat: marini@medecc.org (Kasia Marini) until May 15, 2021. Please, indicate in the message subject field “Call for self- nominations of Authors for MedECC Special Reports”.

Please, prepare your submission using the enclosed form.

Please note that the work on the preparation of the reports will be conducted in English. Note that, if multiple applications are acceptable, a single report should be assigned to the selected authors We thank you in advance for your consideration of this matter.

Best looks,
MedECC Coordinators,
Wolfgang Cramer and Joel Guiot

MedECC Science Officer,
Katarzyna Marini

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