Additional economic impact evaluation for the possible designation of the Mediterranean as a SOX Emission Control Area

Plan Bleu has been granted funding from the Mediterranean Trust Fund to coordinate economic impact evaluations in line with the agreed road map for a proposal for the possible designation of the Mediterranean, as a whole, as SOx Emission Control Area under MARPOL Annex VI. Plan Bleu intends to apply these funds to the contract for which this Call for Proposals is issued. Plan Bleu invites eligible consultants to indicate their interest and submit technical and financial proposals to provide consulting services to conduct economic evaluation for the possible designation of the Mediterranean as a SOX Emission Control Area, entitled “Completion of the knowledge gathering and the carrying out of the further studies related to the additional economic impact evaluation pursuant to the road map for a proposal for the possible designation of the MED SOX ECA. More details on the services are provided in the Terms of Reference”.

Proposals may be submitted by individual consulting firms or associations between consultants (existing associations or associations set-up on an ad hoc basis e.g., joint ventures and sub-consultancies). In the second case, respective responsibilities and overall coordination should be clearly defined[1]. Consultants will be selected for best quality under fixed maximum cost with the procedures described in this Call for Proposals.

Instructions to Consultants

There is no pre-qualification for this call for proposals. Consultants should submit technical and financial proposals as two separate documents, in electronic format. Joint offers by several consultants (associations) should be submitted in the same package. The Technical proposal shall include the following:

  • Reference to similar assignments, with links to the corresponding outputs when available online
  • Reference to experience in Mediterranean countries
  • The CV of the staff/person(s) that will perform the assignment, the CV of the back-up/quality assurance staff
  • A specific statement about the quality standards followed by the consultants or firm as well as the proposed quality assurance/risk management arrangement for this assignment
  • A specific proposal on the methodology to be followed during the performance of this assignment, with a clear allocation of responsibilities among consultants, corresponding estimated workdays, and timelines. It will also include a draft table of contents of each deliverable listed under section 19 of the terms of reference.

The Call for Proposals includes the following documents:

Section 1 – Invitation note

Section 2 – Instructions to Consultants

Section 3 – Qualifications of Consultants

Section 3 – Terms of Reference

Section 4 – Standard Contract

Prior to submitting a proposal, all interested consultants are invited to express their potential intention of submitting a proposal as soon as possible, by addressing an email to sdulbecco@planbleu.org, indicating the name and contact details of the consulting firm or of the association of consultants. This will allow consultants to be informed about the responses to potential queries received from other candidates with regard to this Call for Proposals, between the date of publication of the call and the submission deadline. It will also allow consultants to be informed about any potential adjustments to this call for Proposals which may arise from the evolving situation linked to the COVID-19 crisis (concerning the calendar of deliverables for example). Proposals are acceptable even if the intention to submit a proposal has not been expressed prior to the proposal submission.


The requested proposal should be submitted to Plan Bleu no later than 21 July 2020, 23:59 (CEST time). Proposals received after the designated time will be automatically rejected. The proposal is to be transmitted online via the Plan Bleu website, and via email to sdulbecco@planbleu.org. Submission of proposals by other means is not accepted. Proposals shall be submitted in English.

The proposal must remain valid for 90 (ninety) days after the above submission date. During this period, the consultant shall maintain the availability of professional staff nominated in the Proposal.

The maximum available budget for this assignment is € 50,000 (fifty thousand euros). Consultants shall provide their best technical and financial proposals in separate documents, within this budget, including any tax liability (such as VAT), and any expected travel costs.

This Call for Proposals is transferred but not limited to the consultants having replied to the call for expressions of interest launched and published jointly by REMPEC, Plan Bleu and MED POL and published also on the IMO website on 16 April 2020 with a closing date on 24 April 2020. It is also transferred to consultants known by Plan Bleu and the UNEP/MAP system and present in their rosters or consultant databases who would be potentially qualified for this assignment. This Call for Proposals is also open to other eligible consultants and is therefore published on Plan Bleu’s website. Members of the MED SOX ECA Technical Committee and other partners are invited to disseminate this Call for Proposals through their professional networks.

[1] The joint venture shall appoint one of the firms to represent it (lead partner), and all its members shall sign the contract and be jointly liable for the entire contract. Eligible payments under this consultancy can only be made to the lead partner.

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