Meeting of the EcAp Correspondence Group on the Economic and Social Analysis (COR ESA)


Decision IG 25/03 – adopted at the Conference of the Contracting Parties held in Antalya in December 2021 (COP 22) – renewed the commitment of the Parties to the implementation of the Ecosystem Approach (EcAp) and endorsed the Governance Mechanism for the Implementation of the EcAp policy in the Mediterranean.



Plan Bleu and the Barcelona Convention/UNEP-MAP Coordinating Unit organise the Meeting of the EcAp Correspondence Group on the Economic and Social Analysis, on 30th March 2023, in Marseille, France in physical and virtual format (hybrid meeting). The objective of the meeting is to review the draft 2023 MED QSR chapter on socioeconomic characteristics of the Mediterranean Sea and provide recommendations for further work.

The COR ESA Group is composed of national experts designated by the Contracting Parties and invited experts and coordinated by Barcelona Convention/UNEP-MAP Coordinating Unit and Plan Bleu.

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