Healthy Mediterranean wetlands as requisites for socio-ecological resilience

Plan Bleu will co-organise an online conferenceentitled “Healthy Mediterranean wetlands as requisites for socio-ecological resilience” on 22nd October 2020 within the frame of the EU Green Week. This open webinar, organized as a first capitalisation event of the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community (MBPC) project led by ETC UMA (Malaga, Spain), aims at highlighting wetland status in policy and research, and the need for urgent agreements and actions to protect and sustainably use wetland habitats while showcasing the regional efforts by European projects to pave the way with available tools and solutions to ensure bending the curve for Mediterranean wetlands. If you are interested to attend, you are invited to fill in the online registration form. If you are interested to attend, you are invited to fill in theonline registration form.

Other events

Plan Bleu is leading round tables and workshops at the Forum des Mondes Méditerranéens

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9th meeting of the MED 2050 Foresight Group

Closing module 1 (trends, disruption, weak signals) Preparing module 2 (contrasting visions) 28-29/09 2021 Marseille, France After 8 virtual meetings and months of intense collaborative

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Des solutions touristiques durables pour réduire la pollution

“La Semaine verte européenne 2021 sera consacrée à l’objectif ” zéro pollution ”. Elle sera l’occasion d’engager le dialogue avec toutes les parties prenantes et

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