Youth Commission for the Mediterranean

The 2nd of March, Plan Bleu is launching a unique event: the First Youth Commission for the Future of the Mediterranean, which will bring together young people, aged 15 to 27 from each of the countries around the Mediterranean, to reflect on the future of the region by 2050.

This Commission is part of the Med 2050 Programme, which aims to confront several possible visions of the future of the Mediterranean by 2050 and co-construct solid and realistic transition paths towards common objectives.

Why? The Mediterranean area is bound to undergo many changes in the coming decades: overheated sea, loss of biodiversity, tourist constraints, poverty… These changes in the Mediterranean have to be an opportunity to take the turn of sustainable development more quickly! The purpose of this commission is to reflect and debate on the lifestyles desired by young people today, and thus take the best directions for future Mediterranean generations!

The programme:A half-day online workshop, the 2nd of March 2022 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, that will be a moment of gathering and exchanges to imagine future scenarios of life in the Mediterranean in the 2050s.

Comment participer ? Vous souhaitez participer à cet évènement ou vous connaissez des personnes âgées de 15 et 27 ans susceptibles d’être intéressées ? Please pass on the information to your network so that one or more young people can participate in this unique experience. If you are over 27, and you would like to participate, you can also register to be part of the audience and give your opinion on the productions of the youngest.

Together, let’s build the future of the Mediterranean.

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