9th meeting of the MED 2050 Foresight Group

Closing module 1 (trends, disruption, weak signals)

Preparing module 2 (contrasting visions)

28-29/09 2021

Marseille, France

After 8 virtual meetings and months of intense collaborative work, the time has come to close Module 1 Trends, ruptures, weak signals of the Mediterranean foresight exercise MED 2050, and to prepare its next steps. This first module was marked by several activities aimed at building the knowledge base on which we build our further foresight work. While the elaboration of the 36 factsheets is coming to its end, we want to take stock of the results of the first module during the first session of this meeting.

The second session of the meeting will be dedicated to the preparation of upcoming activities of MED 2050: the Module 2 Contrasting Visions will start. The activities planned to collect the contrasting visions of the future of the Mediterranean region by 2050 will be presented and enriched with the reflections and advice of the members of the Foresight Group.

Finally, the Foresight Group meeting will be concluded by an exchange on the implication of the Foresight Group in the following modules of the MED 2050 foresight exercise.

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