Job description – Projects coordinator – 18 months customary fixed-term contract


Ecosystem approach, climate change impacts assessment and biodiversity conservation for sustainable development


1. Hosting body

The position is based at Plan Bleu, Regional Activity Center of the UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP). Plan Bleu is an association under French Law (1901 Law), in Marseille. MAP is part of the Barcelona Convention system (1976), gathering 21 Mediterranean countries. Its implementation is ensured by a Coordination Unit (Athens) and 6 Regional Activity Centers which are in charge of facilitating the implementation of several protocols linked to the Convention. All of this fits into the United Nations Environnent Programme (UNEP) Regional Seas Programme.

Plan Bleu is one of these 6 centres mandated by the twenty one Mediterranean countries, Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention and, who for quite a few of them, are members of the European Commission to:

  • • act as an observatory for the environment and the sustainable development in the Mediterranean region ;
  • • According to an ecosystem approach, lead theme and prospective analyses to enlighten the region’s stakeholders and policy-makers on environmental risks (including climate change) as well as sustainable development challenges.

Plan Bleu is in charge of monitoring the implementation of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD). In this framework it acts notably as a referent on Mediterranean environment and sustainable development monitoring indicators (MSSD version 2.0 for the 2016-2025 time period), aiming to contribute significantly to the long-term sustainable development vision of the Mediterranean region, particularly in the framework of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

2. – Goals and missions

The position is part of Plan Bleu’s team reinforcement for coordination of projects, in support of its work programme. It consists in the implementation and coordination of activities and expertise at regional (Mediterranean) and national levels, supervising consultants and working closely with several international partners on various topics. Within the MedProgramme (Global Environment Fund – GEF/World Bank funding) :

  • • Climate change: assessment of climate risks, of combined impacts’ exacerbating effects, and off adaptation strategies to climate change impacts in coastal zones ;
  • • Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Governance and participatory approach for coastal management plans development ;

Within the InterregMed project « « Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community » (MBPC) :

  • • Biodiversity conservation: capitalization of tools, methods and practices for biodiversity management and conservation to support transition towards a more sustainable development of Mediterranean territories

All these activities support Plan Bleu’s Environment and Sustainable development Observatory, and the important foresight exercise currently in progress (Med2050).


The missions and associated deliverables are as follows:

Responsability Missions / Contributions Deliverables
Project management – Operationally enforce ecosystem approaches’principles and tools (accumulated impacts, functional ecological units, management units,…)

– Input integrated data to Plan Bleu’s Observatory

· Monitor and contribute to the implementation of the MBPC (Interreg Med) project and the MedProgramme (GEF/World Bank).

· Plan Bleu’s reports

· Plan Bleu’s technical factsheets

· Integrated data

Expertise · Contribute to marine and coastal environment related works especially on marine biodiversity pollution and conservation topics.

· Contribute to MBPC (Interreg Med) project, especially the capitalization activities

· Contribute to the development of national and regional activities within the MedProgramme (GEF / World Bank),

· Contribute to the assessment of climate change multiplier effects and to the definition of adaptation policies in coastal areas

· Contribute to the foresight analysis of pressures and their impacts on coastal and marine environment

· Contribute to information-gathering on coastal planning policies and on management and planning tools available.


· Written contributions to Plan Bleu’s publications (marine and coastal environment, ICZM and CC)


· Collaboration with MedECC network


· Contribution to the Med2050 Foresight exercise regarding the Mediterranean coast


· Contributions to MAP publications


· Contributions to MBPC project and MedProgramme (deliverables, synthesis, factsheets, support to technical reporting consistent with the finacial reporting)

Organization/facilitation · Participation to roundtables and facilitation of expert workshops

· Organization of project meetings (national and international)

· Coordination of consultants works

·Participation to conferences with partners in the framework of MBPC project, Interreg Med projects initiatives, Interreg Med programme and GEF MEdProgramme.

· Organization of webinars, events and working group meetings related to MBPC project and GEF MEdProgramme.


· Synthesis of discussions, conclusions and recommendations


· Documents for the preparation of events, webinars and meetings

Representation /


· Participation to Plan Bleu’s communication action

· Maintain contacts with Plan Bleu’s partners

·Generate new partnerships and contacts

· Plan Bleu’s publications

· Meetings, seminars

·Speeches, presentations

· Contributions to Plan Bleu’s website update



3. Responsabilities in terms of quality, security and environment

The incumbent of the position will be responsible for observation of current legal, regulatory and conventional provisions and notably internal operating procedures. The incumbent of the position will also be responsible of compliance with security rules stated in internal regulations. As required by the social object of the association, the incumbent will perform his tasks with permanent attention for respect to the environment.

4. – Hierarchical links and direct environment

The programme officer is placed under the authority of Plan Bleu’s Director. The The main contact persons are :

Internally, all Plan Bleu’s experts, in particular the expert in charge of the Observatory, the expert in charge of the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community project and the expert in charge of Med2050 exercise.

Externally, his/her counterparts within relevant national, regional and international organizations, scientific and institutional partners

5. – Required skills for all Plan Bleu’s employees

  • • Solid project coordination experience (5 years experience minimum)
  • Good knowledge of european and international funding instruments
  • • Ability to work within a team in an international context
  • • Organizational ability as well as ability to create synergies between projects within activities coordination
  • • Analytical and synthesis skills
  • • Interest for environmental and sustainable development issues

6. : Required skills and experience

  • • Graduate degree in Ecology/Geography/Planning/Political sciences, at Master level or equivalent
  • • Expérience in terms of ecosystem approach, and/or integrated coastal zone management and/or in taking into account climate change impacts
  • • Specialized tools : MS-office pack software
  • • Languages : Good knowledge of French and English mandatory
  • • Demonstrated ability for writing

7. Recurrent obligations of the position

In view of the regional nature of Plan Bleu’s works, the position implies travels in the Mediterranean region. The position is geographically located in Marseille.

8. Position classification

The position is governed by a contract under French private law. This position falls under category 4 of Plan Bleu’s reference grid.

9. Application

  • • Deadline for receiving applications is 05th October. Interviews will take place on Friday 09th October.
  • • To apply, please send your application through the application form below and by email to Sandra Dulbecco and Florian Agullo

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