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« Blue economy for a healthy Mediterranean » project

Green economy in a blue world 

This 18-months project (June 2015- December 2016) on measuring, monitoring and promoting an environmentally sustainable economy in the Mediterranean region was funded by the MAVA Foundation.

It aims to identify indicators, select tools and recommend policies to promote the blue economy, defined as a sustainable economy in the Mediterranean region for the ecosystems’ valuation and protection. It is implemented by 3 of the Mediterranean Action Plan’s Regional Activity Centers (Regional Activity Center for Sustainable Consumption and Production – SCP/RAC, Priority Actions Programme  Regional Activity Center – PAP/RAC and Plan Bleu) with the participation of the main stakeholders gathered in one Advisory committee.

The 3 components are implemented by the MAP’s 3 Regional Activity Centers:

  1. Define and monitor an environmentally sustainable economy : Plan Bleu
  2. Support the implementation of an environmentally sustainable economy : SCP/RAC
  3. Promote and mainstream an environmentally sustainable economy : PAP/RAC

Plan Bleu organised the First Advisory Committee Meeting on 7-8 July 2015 in Plan Bleu’s premises in Sophia Antipolis (France).

The project contributed to the SwitchMedConnect event that took place in Barcelona on 29-30 October 2015 regarding the experience-sharing on social and economics innovations in the Mediterranean region.

On 30-31 May 2017, Plan Bleu, PAP/RAC and SCP/RAC co-organised a conference in Marseilles to present and discuss the project’s results, as well as debating on the blue economy issues in the Mediterranean, in order to propose recommendations and synergies between initiatives and programmes related to blue economy (UfM, EU, UN Environment, MAP…)




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